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[20:28] <stellar-slack> oh hi, welcome @juliachen and @vicki!
[20:29] <stellar-slack> folks, Juliachen is an awesome UI designer I got to meet last night. Vicki is the founder of CS + Social Good, a seriously fantastic student group at Stanford. Welcome to both of you!
[20:31] <stellar-slack> couple of quick things: if you missed my talk on women + money last night, there's a few highlights here: (I may post the video soon too) https://storify.com/SFTech4Good/event-recap-let-s-learn-about-building-a-stellar-w
[20:31] <stellar-slack> Also, tonight is the Stellar developer meetup in SF AND a livestream for remote folks.
[20:31] <stellar-slack> http://www.meetup.com/Stellar-Developers-Space-Camp/events/224242568/
[20:32] <stellar-slack> Everyone is encouraged to hang out here and ask questions for the speakers (monsieurnicolas and @scott)
[20:32] <stellar-slack> Hope to see you either in person or around the channel!
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