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[02:47] <stellar-slack> i am eager for new network.
[03:09] <stellar-slack> I'm running an open network without fees as experiment...
[03:12] <stellar-slack> @monsieurnicolas: thanks for the input
[03:43] <stellar-slack> interesting. but i'd rather on a network with valuable tokens.
[03:49] <stellar-slack> open-core would work better for private ledgers
[03:59] <stellar-slack> @lab well u can issue your own tokens and claim they have value
[04:00] <stellar-slack> @dzam u mean private as in local area networks or vpn?
[05:29] <stellar-slack> I was thinking side chains, or just n parties that want to maintain a non-public ledger for privacy reasons
[05:39] <stellar-slack> ah, no, this project is not supposed to used to "enhance privacy"
[05:40] <stellar-slack> the whole point of this exercise is for the ledger to be public
[08:28] <stellar-slack> mhh i'd like to raise an issue i'm facing ...
[08:28] <stellar-slack> yeah, I hear you. I’m just saying that it would work for that too.. In that use case you don’t rally care about ledger spamming
[08:29] <stellar-slack> say somebody offers 200 X for 200 Y ... but he then reduces or removes his trustline for Y ... basically that offer becomes invalid at that time
[08:29] <stellar-slack> but it stays in the system ...
[08:29] <stellar-slack> so either i think the offer should be reduced, or the changetrust transaction should fail
[08:30] <stellar-slack> I haven’t delved that deep into stellar-core, but I know that in ripple you can have unfunded offers
[08:32] <stellar-slack> mhh i don't like that .. i think transactions that would defund outstanding offers (either the selling or buying side) should fail
[08:33] <stellar-slack> something like "before you can send 500 X to this person, please remove your current offer"
[08:33] <stellar-slack> how can you offer something you don't own
[08:35] <stellar-slack> The trading engine obviously has to take that into consideration
[08:36] <stellar-slack> It’s nifty if you’re a heavy trader though, you can have offers out in multiple markets, and after the first one gets taken the others are ignored
[08:43] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/issues/741
[08:43] <stellar-slack> mhhhh
[08:44] <stellar-slack> so there is no way of knowing if an offer in the database is actually valid or not...
[08:44] <stellar-slack> you can just check the accounts for balances
[08:48] <stellar-slack> hmm
[08:50] <stellar-slack> yeah maybe my approach to the offer system is wrong. maybe it's something that one just has to let it "do its own thing"
[14:50] <stellar-slack> i wanna set up another instance of my website that talks to stellar core. anyone feel like sponsoring/donating some server power? accepting payment in stellar ^^
[14:50] <stellar-slack> will list u on the website and/or github in exchange
[16:30] <stellar-slack> FYI, I wrote up the explanation on why things work this way in https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/issues/741
[16:50] <stellar-slack> http://www.businessinsider.com/mark-zuckerberg-recommends-portfolios-of-the-poor-2015-9?r=UK&IR=T
[16:53] <stellar-slack> @monsieurnicolas: saw it, thanks
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