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[10:33] <stellar-slack> in SCP draft (July 14, 2015), the last sentence above Section 6.1, "Concepts such as candidate values and ballots must always be interepreted in the context of a particular slot...", probably "interepreted" is a typo?
[12:09] <stellar-slack> i guess "interpreted"
[12:24] <stellar-slack> i guess so
[12:34] <stellar-slack> i have difficulties understanding this sentence : "Nodes produce a candidate value x through federated voting on the statement nominate x." (Sec. 6.1) , is the subject of "nominate" "the statement" or "nodes"? or maybe wrong tense for "nominate"?
[12:40] <stellar-slack> oh, i saw for the "candidate" definition, there is similar phase, e.g., "v has ratified accept(nominate x)", does "nominate x" has a special meaning (a widely used term)?
[12:42] <stellar-slack> guess that "nominate x" denotes "the statement", right?
[12:45] <stellar-slack> I guess "nominate x" is the address you vote for as who you want to receive the inflation benifits.
[12:45] <stellar-slack> but as far as I know 99.999% of the voteing power belongs to Stellar so no real need to read much into it
[12:46] <stellar-slack> but I could be wrong
[12:48] <stellar-slack> "nodes produce" above so maybe this is a differnet subject
[12:50] <stellar-slack> hi @sacarlson , i'm trying to understand the paper. i find that treating *nominate x* _the statement_ that would be used for voting makes sense for me, at least literally.
[12:51] <stellar-slack> so your reading some part of the SCP consensus but I'm reading it out of context so I'm not sure
[12:51] <stellar-slack> what part of the consesus are you interested in?
[12:51] <stellar-slack> yeah, i guess i can continue reading it
[12:52] <stellar-slack> I've read it to some degree but only keep focus on what I see as important
[12:53] <stellar-slack> sec 6, SCP: A federated Byzantine agreement protocol
[12:53] <stellar-slack> yes, you are a developer, and there is no real need to understand it entirely
[13:10] <stellar-slack> yes it's above my paygrade to fully understand it, but I have faith in that they spent the time to figure out something that works most of the time
[13:19] <stellar-slack> Absolutely! In SCP and SDF we believe :)
[14:52] <stellar-slack> @hsxuif: u work on something too?
[15:02] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: not really, simply reading the paper :)
[15:03] <stellar-slack> ah, okay... do u know if voting power is tied to native currency in any way?
[15:03] <stellar-slack> i've been working on a fork that removes native currency from the network and initializes with an empty ledger. but haven't thought about how it could affect voting
[17:59] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: sorry i'm a newbie here :,(
[18:01] <stellar-slack> me too
[19:10] <Kwelstr> welcome to both of you
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