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[00:16] <stellar-slack> Hello, @eva,@joyce, @irisli @scott, @jed @vanessa ! I have just returned to Korea. It was great meeting you all and learn more about Stellar :)
[00:16] <stellar-slack> Hey hoony! It was great to have you!
[00:17] <stellar-slack> It was awesome meeting you too! Hopefully there will be another time :)
[00:17] <stellar-slack> a pic from our visit, for anyone curious: https://twitter.com/StellarOrg/status/637414798456524800
[01:21] <stellar-slack> is hoony brother of joyce?
[01:31] <stellar-slack> nope
[01:36] <stellar-slack> you two look alike really :)
[13:38] <stellar-slack> like, asian?
[17:12] <stellar-slack> lots of great tips here on how to use Slack like a pro: http://www.bustle.com/articles/106348-14-hidden-slack-features-you-definitely-need-to-know-because-its-much-more-than-just-an
[17:27] <stellar-slack> pretty cool ¯_(ツ)_/¯
[17:38] <stellar-slack> :)
[23:25] <stellar-slack> welcome @kangaroo5383! Great profile pic :)
[23:25] <stellar-slack> haha thanks @eva :)
[23:27] <stellar-slack> :) What brings you by Stellar? @kangaroo5383
[23:28] <stellar-slack> I heard about Stellar from Joyce from way back when, I didn’t know that you had a slack group, so I’m checking it out. I love the vision of financial inclusion, and I like to think of ideas and/or develop applications for that on top of Stellar.
[23:29] <stellar-slack> can’t promise anything but wanted to keep in touch with the convos and developments here!
[23:32] <stellar-slack> Awesome, really glad to have you hear! You can also just hang out and see what other folks are building :)
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