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[05:17] <stellar-slack> yucayeque: XLM is not _another_ coin, it will be *The Coin*;P
[05:28] <stellar-slack> *The Coin*™
[05:38] <stellar-slack> @hsxuif: Link me! My dad is the CEO of BTCLend and we created LendCoin. http://lendcoin.org|lendcoin.org
[05:38] <stellar-slack> http://btclend.org|btclend.org
[13:28] <stellar-slack> it looks chinese is rushing to buy STR. i don't know the cause.
[13:29] <stellar-slack> dam I should have got some when they were cheap then ha ha
[13:31] <stellar-slack> i bought by 1 btc one 900 satoshi. :)
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