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[04:32] <stellar-slack> @lab, just a friend who told me about his best coins invested, and here I am! And you?
[09:14] <stellar-slack> @yucayeque: i'm fan of jed and follow him from ripple :)
[16:00] <stellar-slack> welcome @yucayeque it's great to have you!
[16:00] <stellar-slack> also, welcome to @hrdolehoan
[16:39] <stellar-slack> Hey eva. was there a link to a live feed of a dev meet up tonight? Can't remember where i saw that.
[16:40] <stellar-slack> Hello! Yes to a live feed, but it isn't tonight - the dev meetup is September 9th
[16:40] <stellar-slack> let me dig up the link :)
[16:40] <stellar-slack> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERicDqv1duQ
[16:41] <stellar-slack> there's also a webcast with @scott + @vanessa on September 8th http://www.oreilly.com/pub/e/3520
[16:41] <stellar-slack> It's going to be a *Stellar* week ;)
[16:56] <stellar-slack> I take it people will be announcing (or at least addressing) the issue of an official production launch of core and horizon? :-)
[17:02] <stellar-slack> not sure about an official production launch date, to be honest - but these events will cover how core and horizon work, the design decisions behind them, and how to start building
[17:02] <stellar-slack> (I know it's frustrating to keep waiting for the launch :S )
[17:09] <stellar-slack> sounds good. thanks Eva.
[17:13] <stellar-slack> no problem!
[17:13] <stellar-slack> I hope you're able to join the livefeed again @cryptojoe :)
[17:13] <stellar-slack> was great to have you at the last one
[17:56] <stellar-slack> @lab that's another good coin!!
[17:56] <stellar-slack> @eva thanks!!
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