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[00:04] <stellar-slack> @aleksey: since stellarcore isn’t live yet, and stellard didn’t have multi-sig, I don’t think that many people have used it. But it’s there now, and it’s working. Escrow = 2-of-3
[01:26] <stellar-slack> Hello guys!
[01:31] <stellar-slack> hi yucayeque
[03:02] <stellar-slack> Hi! @lab how are you?
[10:36] <stellar-slack> i'm fine. thank you.
[10:37] <stellar-slack> when did you know stellar?
[16:39] <stellar-slack> I think it's broken
[16:39] <stellar-slack> u don't say :)
[16:40] <stellar-slack> but I'm sure your new decoder can figure it out
[16:40] <stellar-slack> rollHeadOverKeyboard()
[16:44] <stellar-slack> ya it's the older xdr in base58, translated it says "eat me"
[16:44] <stellar-slack> or maybe my decoder is in error
[17:49] <stellar-slack> @buhrmi: would it be okay if I direct message you?
[17:49] <stellar-slack> i guess ^^
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