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[00:26] <stellar-slack> Heheh I appreciate the vote of confidence!
[16:29] <stellar-slack> @eva no, we have not - we are just starting to look into it - potentially we are looking to do escrow to avoid the issues of non-payment for services, so we are researching how we can setup the whole ecosystem (if its possible) to handle payment in an easy, secure way for our users, and also allow them to send money abroad in a simple way. does Stellar have any case studies that I can look at?
[16:36] <stellar-slack> @aleksey: fantastic, like smart contracts and the like. I think building on Stellar could definitely be a good choice. In terms of case studies, I don't believe we do just yet—but if you have questions about the way the network functions at a technical level, please feel free to ask in #dev!
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