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[11:39] <stellar-slack> A crazy idea would be to integrate the ethereum virtual machine into stellar to make it smart contract enabled.
[14:15] <stellar-slack> we will have better smart contract
[14:18] <stellar-slack> maybe we can write smart contract in a dialect of rust :grinning:
[14:18] <stellar-slack> I did a little reading on this ethereum. I'm not sure I understand the similarities to stellar. I guess it's another bitcoin dirivitive that rans people code instead of POW
[14:21] <stellar-slack> if the code you could run was flexible enuf you could run stellar inside it
[14:23] <stellar-slack> jed: when will stellar-core be in production?
[14:24] <stellar-slack> soon :)
[14:24] <stellar-slack> how about the client ?
[14:25] <stellar-slack> the javascript stuff looks paused
[14:25] <stellar-slack> client is still a few months away probably. We have interstellar so hope that other people will build clients with it
[14:25] <stellar-slack> yeah bartek is on vactaion.
[14:25] <stellar-slack> I guess by production you mean when would the STR be tranfered into stellar-core? as I've found we can run most the needed functions on stellar-core today
[14:26] <stellar-slack> the network isn't live yet though
[14:26] <stellar-slack> network switch will be after client?
[14:27] <stellar-slack> and then relaunch?
[14:28] <stellar-slack> at the point you call "live" is that the point that one network is shutdown and the other has all the original STR? or will it just have a bridge to move between one to the other when desired?
[14:29] <stellar-slack> a bridge meaning I can convert 1 to 1 STR to lunes?
[14:31] <stellar-slack> plan is: 1) turn network live, 2) run servers on both old and new network, 3) allow people to switch via API, 4) build client for new network, 5) allow people to switch via the client, 6) at some point we will stop running old servers.
[14:32] <stellar-slack> good, i didn't consider step 3.
[14:33] <stellar-slack> ok so they both run for a time. so how is it the STR become lunes? oh by they client on http://stellar.org|stellar.org will provide the option to send STR to lunes so they apear on the stellar-core network?
[14:33] <stellar-slack> so we will have at least one way to get some XLM. :)
[14:36] <stellar-slack> the last job to do is adjust fee? what's the idea?
[14:37] <stellar-slack> i think const adjusting may not help more unless change charge algorithm.
[14:39] <stellar-slack> will we eventually have transaction size sensitive/progression fee?
[14:40] <stellar-slack> I know very little about fee's and the agorithms now or the future but I would assume if noted flooding of spam transactions start that some method to increase fee's could take effect for short times to slow or stop it
[14:42] <stellar-slack> lab that issue is just to change what the fees start at
[14:45] <stellar-slack> I'm not really sure what the cause and effect of changing the fee's would be. would that increase the value of STR or lunes? would that create motivation for others to create there own running networks that would cost less?
[14:51] <stellar-slack> any low cost network will be vulnerable to spam
[14:53] <stellar-slack> and i think accountMerge should be charged a few STR .
[14:53] <stellar-slack> at this point I assume we have the oposite of spam very little trafic but until I get the leger data from the old network I won't really know
[14:55] <stellar-slack> up until now I've only been working on testnet. I now plan to explore the present activity on stellard to see what's been up there
[14:56] <stellar-slack> what's you plan?
[14:57] <stellar-slack> i was interested on the same reason
[14:57] <stellar-slack> plan of exploration? I first want to look at what trading activity is present
[14:58] <stellar-slack> will you write a ledger crawler?
[14:58] <stellar-slack> and a ledger parser
[14:58] <stellar-slack> as I now have a running stellar-core and explored it's database workings I have a better understanding of what tools I can use to look into the old database
[14:59] <stellar-slack> it just like mysql searches
[14:59] <stellar-slack> I haven't seen the structure of the old database yet so not fully sure
[15:00] <stellar-slack> stellard data is totally different
[15:00] <stellar-slack> rockdb
[15:00] <stellar-slack> can't be too difficult
[15:02] <stellar-slack> shamap and ripple binary format
[15:03] <stellar-slack> so will that make it hard?
[15:03] <stellar-slack> https://wiki.ripple.com/Binary_Format
[15:03] <stellar-slack> maybe we convert it to sql?
[15:04] <stellar-slack> and first of all, you need run stellard and sync(it will take long time)
[15:04] <stellar-slack> yes I'm installing stellard as we speak
[15:05] <stellar-slack> already hit some problems
[15:05] <stellar-slack> but I have lots of time
[15:05] <stellar-slack> and make sure the only stellard server of SDF have enought history ledger
[15:06] <stellar-slack> I'm just going to get it to sync one time and stop it. I don't need real time data
[15:07] <stellar-slack> you need serveral hundred GBs free disk space
[15:07] <stellar-slack> am I the first one to explore this? I'm new here so I'm surprized the data is not already available
[15:08] <stellar-slack> I don't need history just the ledger data
[15:08] <stellar-slack> maybe some history later
[15:08] <stellar-slack> to see open orders and such
[15:09] <stellar-slack> you need just current orders?
[15:09] <stellar-slack> yes for one thing
[15:10] <stellar-slack> as it seems static path doen't provide what I look for
[15:10] <stellar-slack> you can get them from web api
[15:10] <stellar-slack> and to do a basic compare of the structure of the old and the new
[15:12] <stellar-slack> I guess the web api isn't on testnet?
[15:12] <stellar-slack> trust me I looked
[15:12] <stellar-slack> static path is not either
[15:12] <stellar-slack> are we talk about stellard network?
[15:13] <stellar-slack> static path is there but seems to be non functional as far as I can tell on testnet
[15:13] <stellar-slack> yes static path on stellard testnet
[15:14] <stellar-slack> but even static path as far as I know doen't provide all the points
[15:14] <stellar-slack> even if it did work
[15:15] <stellar-slack> without looking at the raw data I can't be sure
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