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[10:55] <stellar-slack> why we have much lesser active community than ethereum?
[18:53] <stellar-slack> @kris @ernestojc welcome! Great to have you :)
[18:53] <stellar-slack> @lab: can you say a little more about what you mean?
[18:54] <stellar-slack> I'm always interested in ideas about how the Stellar community can be better
[18:55] <stellar-slack> unrelated: this is a really interesting piece from Harvard Business Review. It's arguing that paid services actually get better long-term adoption than totally free ones, because of a perceived lack of value https://hbr.org/2015/08/to-really-help-the-global-poor-create-technology-theyll-pay-for
[19:42] <stellar-slack> @lab: ETH is growing fast, check the volume on poloniex, around 12,500 BTC is the volume. comparing to STR which is only 33
[22:34] <stellar-slack> @smartiphone: yes. it interested me to do some investigation on both communities.
[22:36] <stellar-slack> @eva: r/stellar 672/2 vs r/ethereum 5463/61
[22:45] <stellar-slack> google: "g3pDiBTPj6ozNpqEZ1twbnRY16H5fSWLAQ" 6 results "0x32be343b94f860124dc4fee278fdcbd38c102d88" 194 results
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