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[02:13] <stellar-slack> @rook2pawn, @donovan: WTF? :)
[12:44] <stellar-slack> @joyce My pleasure. Reading the english translation of the japanese translation :+1:
[14:53] <stellar-slack> Thank you: The uploader has not made this video available in your country
[14:54] <stellar-slack> @smartiphone: ya me too but I did find some other cool newsradio video that did work that were very funny
[15:03] <stellar-slack> and not sure why but if I searched for "Super Karate Monkey Death Car " in youtube I was able to play it but still don't understand it ha ha
[15:03] <stellar-slack> oh and this is in Thailand
[15:38] <stellar-slack> no problem :), any date when the new stellar will come :P
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