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[08:43] <stellar-slack> jed: multi-sign isn't in the docs. link from https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/docs/concepts.md goes to https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/docs/multisig.md => 404
[08:43] <stellar-slack> and there is no such document in the tree nowhere. forgot to commit it ?
[14:47] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/js-stellar-lib/tree/master/docs#creating-a-multi-signature-account
[15:22] <stellar-slack> ben: yeah all the docs are in major flux right now. We are working on them offline. We should push all our changes in a week or so. In the meantime that doc in the transactions folder should explain it
[15:27] <stellar-slack> jed: thanks. I just kept reading code. also works ;)
[15:27] <stellar-slack> @dzham: awesome. thanks!
[15:30] <stellar-slack> ok cool. does it make sense?
[15:30] <stellar-slack> neat. I am currently playing around with setting up a rust-server that acts as counter-signing entity – backing a bunch of accounts which wouldn't be able to act without them and the server would act as an insurance.
[15:31] <stellar-slack> @jed: yes – it is roughly what I imagined from reading code ;) .
[15:31] <stellar-slack> @jed: one questions though: how is the threshold for a transaction determined?
[15:31] <stellar-slack> you can set the levels with SetOptions
[15:32] <stellar-slack> is that per account or transaction?
[15:32] <stellar-slack> per account
[15:32] <stellar-slack> each one sets its thresholds
[15:32] <stellar-slack> and how do you know what threshold a transaction "needs"?
[15:32] <stellar-slack> and you give the signers weights
[15:33] <stellar-slack> ah. so the threshold is just a account-based number to allow you to configure how the weights can work?
[15:33] <stellar-slack> then why are there three thresholds?
[15:34] <stellar-slack> @jed thanks!
[15:34] <stellar-slack> just sent you the doc :)
[15:36] <stellar-slack> so, different transactions require different thresholds then. Like payments needs more than inquiries. got it. damn', you folks are good at your stuff ;) .
[15:36] <stellar-slack> just learning about these design features I see how that are super applicable and make sense even down the road about things I hadn't considered yet.
[17:22] <stellar-slack> @lab: The names are "gone" from that github page because github sets them to be private by default. They're in the group, but just not set to public (the user has to set themself public)
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