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[04:15] <stellar-slack1> jed: i found his name disappeared from https://github.com/stellar
[04:19] <stellar-slack1> and @matschaffer disappeared too.
[15:28] <stellar-slack1> their names are still there?
[19:21] <stellar-slack1> jed: the docs link to things that aren't there... like multi-sign ;)
[19:22] <stellar-slack1> one of the things I am currently most interested in for my project
[19:22] <stellar-slack1> so I went into the code – and reviewing it already found a bug I send a PR for ;) .
[19:22] <stellar-slack1> hey there, @vanessa. how are things :) ?
[22:40] <stellar-slack1> ben: multi-sign is there? everything in the stellar-core docs is there
[22:41] <stellar-slack1> or you mean the docs for multi-sign?
[22:42] <stellar-slack1> we are overhauling all the docs. right now the best reference for that is /src/transactions/readme.md
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