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[08:43] <stellar-slack> good day, @eva . Yes I believe we have met through twitter before.
[08:44] <stellar-slack> I know @vanessa from our tech education work prior to her stellar gig.
[08:44] <stellar-slack> @eva: I do have a question though, you might be able to help me with. I am looking for a good low level (as in "technical") documentation about the stellar protocol itself. like what is signed where, which signatures and such.
[08:46] <stellar-slack> I am investigating a project concept to bring distributed mini-banks to the unbanked with dump phones and in order to understand if it could be built on top of stellar, I need to understand the plumbing a little better.
[08:46] <stellar-slack> Do you happen to have such a document? (And I do not mean the white paper about the consensus-algorithm, I have already found and read that one of course ;) )
[08:46] <stellar-slack> THANKS
[08:48] <stellar-slack> dump phones? would android phones qualify?
[08:53] <stellar-slack> oh maybe dumb phones
[08:54] <stellar-slack> hahaha. yes. sorry. typo.
[08:54] <stellar-slack> like old nokia ones. only GSM stuff
[08:54] <stellar-slack> since old androids are so cheap you could maybe at least us them with apps like https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.xcoins.centaurus&hl=en
[08:55] <stellar-slack> well, technically that is true. the problem is there still isn't any internet in africa.
[08:55] <stellar-slack> IC
[08:55] <stellar-slack> and once it comes, all predictions show, it will take quite a time before the currently unbanked will be able to afford it...
[08:56] <stellar-slack> as usual the trickle down, trickles very, very, very, very slow for the poorest...
[08:57] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson: do you know of any have way decent docs like that for stellar?
[08:57] <stellar-slack> like, let's assume I had to implement my own node... is there any decent starting point to understand the plumbing of the protocol?
[08:58] <stellar-slack> there is good documents on the old API but that is about to be obsolete. the new version is oposite with not enuf working API documented
[08:59] <stellar-slack> I see. that's what it looked like to me, too ...
[08:59] <stellar-slack> so at least I am not the only one experiencing that nor did I overlook something obvious (happened before ;) )
[09:00] <stellar-slack> I was able to get the old system working in a prototype in about 2 weeks. It shouldn't be too much different in the new version
[09:00] <stellar-slack> do you maybe know of any alternative implementation of stellar-core by any third party?
[09:01] <stellar-slack> the present stellar-core code is working ok, it's the upper layers that is still not fully developed and documented
[09:02] <stellar-slack> is it implementing the same version of the protocol?
[09:02] <stellar-slack> I'm hoping to create at least for myself a bridge lib to enable me to plug in what I have now into the new
[09:02] <stellar-slack> it's just the API that I work with, I don't worry about the low level protocal
[09:03] <stellar-slack> no the new API looks much different not just plug in play from old to new without some kind of bridge
[09:04] <stellar-slack> the new system will also have new features that I'm interested in that include multi-sign
[09:08] <stellar-slack> multi-sign is exactly one of the features I am investigating.
[09:08] <stellar-slack> do you have any other references for me to read about that? Or should I just digg into stellar-core?
[09:11] <stellar-slack> I would look at the API docs first this will show you the difference bettween the new and the old http://docs.stellarhorizon.apiary.io/# https://www.stellar.org/api/
[09:12] <stellar-slack> for the multi-sign I could point you to a github project that I'm watching in hopes they figure it out first before I do
[09:19] <stellar-slack> yes, please. what's the link?
[09:21] <stellar-slack> the two links I already sent? are above
[09:22] <stellar-slack> the project with multi-sig is here: https://github.com/stellar/hackday-stellar-vault
[09:22] <stellar-slack> yes, that one. thanks heaps, @sacarlson !
[09:24] <stellar-slack> anything on the new stellar-core only works on lower level like from ruby-stellar-core nothing on horizon is stable as far as I know
[09:31] <stellar-slack> that's fine with me. I am more concerned about the capabilities of the protocol itself at the moment.
[09:31] <stellar-slack> for what I am working on, it might be useful to reimplement (parts of) core in a memory-safe-language (prolly rust) anyways.
[09:32] <stellar-slack> to run ruby-stellar-core you will need to run a localhost running core also
[09:33] <stellar-slack> I looked at the code just now for multi-sig and not it's not been touch in over 30 days. there has been big changes in stellar-core since then that if that worked before it probly won't now
[09:35] <stellar-slack> prolly rust? what language is that?
[09:40] <stellar-slack> prolly=probably. "rust" is the language:
[09:40] <stellar-slack> https://www.rust-lang.org/
[09:41] <stellar-slack> memory-safe system language started by firefox.
[09:42] <stellar-slack> IC, well stellar-core doesn't take much if your running a standalone sytem with no other nodes
[09:42] <stellar-slack> I've had it running on mint. you can also run it within docker
[14:44] <stellar-slack> @ben: You probably want to look in the stellar-core repo itself. Take a look in the /docs folder. It is pretty well documented.
[14:56] <stellar-slack> hi jed, did nicholas quit?
[14:58] <stellar-slack> sorry, nicolas
[17:19] <stellar-slack> Hey @ben welcome and nice to see you :)
[17:34] <stellar-slack> lab: no he is on vacation
[23:09] <stellar-slack1> cool, great to see you here, @ben :)
[23:09] <stellar-slack1> looks like Jed and sacarlson got you sorted with where to get started :)
[23:09] <stellar-slack1> just so you know, we're also working on new docs, tools, and tutorials for developers, so those will be out soonish
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