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[09:20] <stellar-slack> @scott: checking out erlectricity. I’m a huge manga, anime and movies fan. Let alone cafe racers and wimpy scramblers
[09:20] <stellar-slack> And yes @eva I agree its a great name!
[17:28] <stellar-slack> Hi @pepe, welcome! What brings you by Stellar's chat?
[18:03] <stellar-slack> Hi @eva, nice to meet you! Just back from holidays and trying to understand whats going on with the Stellar’s ;). I’ve been a month off and I was aware about the changes and migration to the new network.
[18:04] <stellar-slack> as far as i know nothing happends just 1 year old :) about the new network i dont have any info
[18:33] <stellar-slack> Awesome! well, welcome - lots of dev work happening on the network. We discuss a lot of it in #dev here, but honestly the major tools + docs will probably a few weeks from onw
[18:51] <stellar-slack> this is kinda cool - MasterCard global hackathon http://mastersofcode.com/
[18:51] <stellar-slack> looks like the SF one is coming up this month, and there are finalists from all over the globe, building financial services for their local economies
[18:52] <stellar-slack> (for those who don't know, MasterCard is very into financial inclusion)
[20:10] <stellar-slack> Hey everyone, important security announcement:
[20:11] <stellar-slack> If you got a password reset email , it was due to someone brute forcing our password reset endpoint, and we’re currently implementing more stringent rate limiting.
[20:11] <stellar-slack> sorry for any inconvenience or confusion it might have caused!
[20:14] <stellar-slack> please know that it doesn't necessarily mean your wallet is compromised - but it may mean that they're preparing for a phishing attack, so please be careful. Follow these safety tips to avoid being "phished": https://stellarorg.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202740305-How-can-I-protect-myself-from-fake-sites-pretending-to-be-Stellar-org-
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