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[10:39] <stellar-slack> @eva: no I’m based in Nigeria and we don’t use M-pesa; however, we do have a number of interesting ways we pay for stuff
[10:40] <stellar-slack> a certain bank in Nigeria allows you to buy airtime using the funds in your bank account just by dialing a USSD code
[10:41] <stellar-slack> they also use the same technology to allow funds transfer to any bank within the country
[16:53] <stellar-slack> @takinbo: my mistake, apologies! Ah, gotcha. That's fascinating - I've read a lot about airtime minutes being used as currency. Cool that it's so easy to do.
[16:53] <stellar-slack> A picture of that process would be amazing!
[17:51] <stellar-slack> Hey @scott, wanted to introduce you to @raybesiga - I think you two will have a lot to talk about in terms of bikes and code. :)
[17:54] <stellar-slack> :) definitely. I’m always happy to talk about either (and many more subjects! I especially like movies, comics, and lists with three items). Cheers @raybesiga
[17:54] <stellar-slack> hahah
[17:55] <stellar-slack> I guess digital currency is pretty cool, too
[17:55] <stellar-slack> meh. ;)
[17:55] <stellar-slack> Ray's a big fan of the language Elixir - are you familiar with it?
[17:56] <stellar-slack> yes. Started by a really awesome rubyist José Valim, I believe
[17:57] <stellar-slack> Big fan of erlang and ruby both, so naturally I’m a fan of elixir as well
[17:58] <stellar-slack> I actually started one of the first ruby/erlang bridge libraries: https://github.com/mojombo/erlectricity
[17:58] <stellar-slack> oh that's awesome!
[17:58] <stellar-slack> great name
[17:59] <stellar-slack> :) thanks
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