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[00:08] <stellar-slack> SDF shows their respect to original mandate. It's also a good news.
[00:10] <stellar-slack> the success may be late but we won't miss it.
[00:12] <stellar-slack> One year anniversary coming up in a couple of hours
[00:14] <stellar-slack> We launched at either 9am or 10am I think
[00:14] <stellar-slack> but yes, it's almost here!
[00:14] <stellar-slack> ah, 9am PST: https://twitter.com/stripe/status/494877341563105280
[00:14] <stellar-slack> :)
[00:14] <stellar-slack> any official activity for celebration?
[00:15] <stellar-slack> i know that in the office, there won't be
[00:16] <stellar-slack> we will do it in slack :)
[00:16] <stellar-slack> :birthday::tada::confetti_ball:
[01:07] <stellar-slack> :cake:
[01:09] <stellar-slack> :tanabata_tree:
[06:53] <stellar-slack> yay! No official activity, but there's a blog post and a fun community thing coming out very soon :)
[08:55] <stellar-slack> <2667273151> :apple:
[10:20] <stellar-slack> Stellar is growing :) i want to be part too :P
[13:45] <stellar-slack> :congratulations: :birthday: :rocket:
[13:46] <stellar-slack> yay happy Stellar birthday everyone!
[13:50] <stellar-slack> birthday surprise coming a little bit later :)
[13:50] <stellar-slack> :gift: :birthday: :confetti_ball:
[14:34] <stellar-slack> happy Stellar birthday!
[17:03] <stellar-slack> wow I forgot! Happy Bithday Stellar!!! :) :) :)
[17:20] <stellar-slack> Congratulations to stellar
[17:30] <stellar-slack> Congrats! :birthday:
[18:12] <stellar-slack> thank you everyone!!
[18:13] <stellar-slack> Here's a look back at the last year, and a big thank you to all of you :lt3:
[18:13] <stellar-slack> https://www.stellar.org/blog/first-year
[18:13] <stellar-slack> There's an interactive community map embedded in the post, too, where you can find Stellar communities from all over the world
[18:14] <stellar-slack> if you want to be added just let me know :)
[19:38] <stellar-slack> Congratulations to everyone, I am excited that stellar is 1 year old now :) would like any surprise :)
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