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[05:34] <stellar-slack> Folks
[05:38] <sacarlson> @metreks you should check this out, I didn't know it was this easy on the bank side here in thailand. they already have api and sample code on how to use it https://github.com/teepluss/jPayment/blob/master/src/Payment/Adapter/Kbank.php you have this in AUSy land?
[19:36] <stellar-slack> Hi @eva I have the eQuid site done enough to show you if you are interested in checking it out and giving me some feedback. Not quite ready to launch but getting close. I can DM you the site address if you like.
[20:25] <stellar-slack> any idea when the stellar-core will be in production?
[20:25] <stellar-slack> hey @garth yes please!
[20:26] <stellar-slack> @hurukan: probably a better question for the folks in #dev, can you ask there?
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