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[02:24] <sacarlson> @charles wow Referral fees: US$ 7,500. US$ 499 per month, so you can hold our money in your accounts with your name on them? I think we have cooler banks in thailand with less restrictions with almost zero fee's. I see they also have a published API interface to there banking transactions to make it easy.
[02:25] <sacarlson> it's called kbank https://github.com/teepluss/jPayment/blob/master/src/Payment/Adapter/Kbank.php
[02:40] <stellar-slack> $55 international wires
[02:41] <stellar-slack> banks really need to die
[02:41] <sacarlson> I'm assuming this was a joke
[02:41] <sacarlson> I don't think banks really charge those numbers. at least not here they don't
[02:42] <sacarlson> kbank also hold multi currency
[03:08] <stellar-slack> ah is miss the monthly fee part
[03:08] <sacarlson> @charles what not high enuf for you ha ha
[03:09] <stellar-slack> tell me more about the Kbank adapter, is it for domestic thai transfers or more?
[03:45] <sacarlson> I would assume it's for domestic thai accounts yes @charles but it works over the internet so you can do the transaction from any place in the world
[03:45] <sacarlson> there is a kbank in LA california but they are not totaly conected
[03:46] <sacarlson> and different legal restriction apply when using USA banks
[03:46] <sacarlson> banking is lax here in thailand
[03:47] <sacarlson> very stable now after the colapse of thai banks in 1998 they firmed up banking regulations so they weren't affected at all in 2008 crash of the banks in USA
[03:54] <sacarlson> this company is already using kbank API that already acts as a Stellar gateway https://bx.in.th/BTC/STR/
[03:54] <sacarlson> very easy to setup
[03:59] <sacarlson> I did speak to kbank about a multi currency account and that did cost more around $100 one time cost. I'm sorry to see that this bx.in.th doesn't provide $USD deposits only Baht fiat is supported
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