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[09:11] <stellar-slack> @faisal are you Faisal Khan, co-host of the Around The Coin podcast?
[19:01] <stellar-slack> Stellar near 1 year old.
[20:20] <stellar-slack> @eva hi Eva. I am getting close to launching my eQuid currency using the stellar platform. Do you guys want to take a look at what I am doing before I put it out there? Wondering if it is ok to mention that it is on stellar. Let me know what you think. Thanks
[21:46] <stellar-slack> Hey garth great to see you!
[21:46] <stellar-slack> that's so great to hear :)
[21:46] <stellar-slack> Do you mean like a technical review? You should definitely ask the folks in #dev if you'd like a second pair of eyes.
[21:46] <stellar-slack> In terms of saying that it's on Stellar, yes please!
[21:51] <stellar-slack> I will let @dzham ask the technical questions. Otherwise I will let you know when the site is up and look forward to your feedback.
[22:36] <stellar-slack> great, looking forward to it!
[22:37] <stellar-slack> feel free to shoot us the site copy or preview if you'd like feedback on that part :)
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