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[08:14] <stellar-slack> @eva the main reason I built Akabbo was to test out the payments scene, and I must say the payment friction is high. The payments providers do not have developers in mind. Zero APIs. The mobile money platforms are archaic so it is a hack to get it to work online. Seamless payments online with mobile money will not be realized at least for the next 5 years
[08:15] <stellar-slack> So I am thinking to build upon Stellar not only to support currency exchange but also connect it to local mobile wallets, and eventually allow for merchants to accept Stellar as they would mobile money. This is how I hope to get more businesses to accept payments online with the least hustle.
[11:55] <stellar-slack> @raybesiga: welcome to stellar chat :) Happy to have you here. I’m working on something similar for Nigeria. Are you interested in a payments corridor between Nigeria and Uganda?
[11:56] <stellar-slack> I don’t know much about the trade between the two countries but it might be an interesting project.
[12:01] <sacarlson> we are ready for people to start testing the first Stellar P2P poker system with real time payments on each hand in any Stellar asset, Default test asset is worthless created CHP currency run on testnet https://github.com/sacarlson/pokerth_accounting/wiki
[14:50] <stellar-slack> @takinbo: Yes I am
[21:21] <stellar-slack> @raybesiga: gotcha, that makes sense. Best way to learn about something is to dive in and start building! That kind of use case - connecting local currencies and mobile wallets - is exactly what Stellar is meant for. Great to have you on board!
[21:21] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson oh wow, I didn't realize that's what you've been building! Looks really neat - going to give it a more thorough read. Thanks for sharing your progress with us!
[21:21] <stellar-slack> welcome @montiechristo :)
[21:22] <sacarlson> eva no problem enjoy
[21:22] <stellar-slack> By the by, all the latest news about SDF is right here in the latest community update https://www.stellar.org/blog/stellar-report-scp-updates-fast-forward-cohort-OSCON/
[21:23] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson I'm sure I will! I'm fascinated by what people are building on Stellar.
[21:24] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson I'd actually really love to chat more with you in detail about your project - I'd normally ask if I could dm you, but since you're on IRC and I'm on Slack, would you mind dropping me an email? eva @ http://stellar.org|stellar.org
[21:24] <sacarlson> I'm working on the next upgrade that will include escrow multi-sign
[21:24] <stellar-slack> oooooh
[21:24] <stellar-slack> I think your documentation on that will be very interesting and useful to a lot of people here
[21:25] <sacarlson> yes if It works it should make a good example for others to use in other projects
[21:25] <stellar-slack> exactly
[21:28] <sacarlson> eva what information is it that you want me to send to this email?
[21:29] <stellar-slack> @sacarlson I'd just love to chat with you one on one - definitely doesn't need to be email, whatever you're most comfortable with. I'd like to learn more about what makes you excited to build on Stellar, and what we can do to make the process easier for you, etc.
[21:29] <sacarlson> I assume you can pm me here
[21:30] <sacarlson> I"m not an emailer
[21:30] <stellar-slack> let me hop onto IRC - I'm using Slack, so I can't pm you directly but I probably can on an IRC client.
[21:30] <sacarlson> ok
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