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[13:35] <stellar-slack> Hey community!! Greetings from Uganda! Excited to try out Stellar. Apologies in advance if I ask noob questions! :grinning:
[14:01] <stellar-slack> :wave:
[14:21] <stellar-slack> Welcome @raybesiga !
[15:12] <stellar-slack> Hello @raybesiga we're happy to have you
[15:12] <stellar-slack> Where in Uganda are you?
[15:12] <stellar-slack> I've been researching Uganda all week
[16:10] <stellar-slack> @raybesiga: welcome! So glad to see you made it over from Twitter (we chatted briefly— I'm the lady behind @StellarOrg)
[16:11] <stellar-slack> Would love to learn more about your experiences with money and financial inclusion in East Africa, and Uganda in particular @raybesiga
[22:54] <stellar-slack> Thanks @sam @joyce @vanessa @eva
[22:54] <stellar-slack> I am in Kampala
[22:54] <stellar-slack> I followed you back @eva
[22:56] <stellar-slack> I am looking to build a suite of tools around money exchange, use and transfer of money
[22:56] <stellar-slack> Mobile payment wallets, business payment gateways and remittance
[22:57] <stellar-slack> A la https://sci.ph but with Stellar instead of Bitcoin as I had early interest in Ripple but life and work took precedence over the last 12 months
[23:19] <stellar-slack> @raybesiga that sounds awesome! So your mobile money services would be based in Uganda, too? I see you have some experience building payments sites, with your crowdfunding platform http://akabbo.ug/campaigns/all/
[23:20] <stellar-slack> did you run into challenges with that site that you'd like to make easier, or what in particular inspires you to build on Stellar?
[23:20] <stellar-slack> Would love to hear more about what got you into financial inclusion :)
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