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[15:36] <stellar-slack> hi folks, will it be possible to issue assets with a name longer than 3 characters ?
[15:42] <stellar-slack> @fredolafritte: I wouldn’t recommend it on the legacy stellar system. although I believe there is technically the capability in the behavior that was forked from ripple, I don’t believe it works very well with clients and integrations. As for the newer stellar network that is currently in development, we currently only support 2 currency “types”: the native currency, and an “alphanum” currency that d
[15:42] <stellar-slack> alphanumeric code. That said, the newer system represents currencies in a way that it is feasible to add further currency types into the system, so it would be feasible for you to propose a new currency type for the protocol and get it incorporated.
[15:43] <stellar-slack> I’m happy to answer any questions you may have that helps explain the above better
[15:48] <stellar-slack> I need to issue bonds, which are identified by the ISIN (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Securities_Identification_Number) which is a 12 characters id
[15:50] <stellar-slack> btw, the new stellar protocol is backward compatible with the current one ?
[16:00] <stellar-slack> what bonds are you issuing @fredolafritte ?
[16:00] <stellar-slack> virtually any kind of bond
[16:04] <stellar-slack> an issue has already been created on the ripple jira a while ago: https://ripplelabs.atlassian.net/browse/RIPD-565
[16:06] <stellar-slack> > btw, the new stellar protocol is backward compatible with the current one ?
[16:06] <stellar-slack> nope
[16:14] <stellar-slack> fredolafritte: it would be very easy to add a 12 character id type to the currencies. If you want to email me to explain what you are doing we can maybe stick it in there
[16:14] <stellar-slack> mailto:jed@stellar.org|jed@stellar.org
[17:18] <stellar-slack> ^ is this + protocol?
[17:29] <stellar-slack> epsilon: what do you mean?
[17:31] <stellar-slack> + 12 chars, just because
[17:31] <stellar-slack> muh ledger, Jed
[17:33] <stellar-slack> (maybe the "add" threw me off)
[17:36] <stellar-slack> Jed, those types of questions are already solved, I should think
[18:16] <stellar-slack> @epsilon: adding a new currency type would definitely be an extension to the protocol, if that is what you are asking.
[18:17] <stellar-slack> @scott hey mate! Nah I wasn't asking
[18:17] <stellar-slack> was just sayin'
[18:17] <stellar-slack> word
[18:17] <stellar-slack> what's the deal with the ISO shit, tho?
[18:18] <stellar-slack> I *need* NNN
[18:18] <stellar-slack> (no, I don't)
[18:18] <stellar-slack> maybe that's what peeps are really asking
[18:19] <stellar-slack> imho it's a client thing
[18:19] <stellar-slack> "Super Scott Bucks"
[18:20] <stellar-slack> core says: "xxx"
[18:20] <stellar-slack> ===
[18:22] <stellar-slack> so, the new protocol doesn’t specify ISO… it just has an “AlphaNum” differentiated currency, which uses 4 alphanumeric characters to establish identity
[18:23] <stellar-slack> yeah, and still short, (apparently)
[18:23] <stellar-slack> so lay it out to us laymen
[18:24] <stellar-slack> "Your IOU can be called:"
[18:24] <stellar-slack> superscottbucks
[18:24] <stellar-slack> client or ledger
[18:28] <stellar-slack> ISO + 1 in the ledger
[18:29] <stellar-slack> yeah the client can display it as whatever
[18:29] <stellar-slack> but in the ledger
[18:29] <stellar-slack> iso, and an extra just to be degy
[18:29] <stellar-slack> edgy
[18:30] <stellar-slack> because we're ledgy
[18:31] <stellar-slack> srsly the client can do wtf it wants
[18:31] <stellar-slack> core runs the show
[18:32] <stellar-slack> you blokes have got some pretty fucken awesome p2p here
[18:34] <stellar-slack> protocol is what you say it is
[18:36] <stellar-slack> not what someone else dictates
[18:37] <stellar-slack> you know how you blokes (blokes=crypto people) reckon money will be like email
[18:38] <stellar-slack> take a fucken hint on how we fucked SMTP
[18:55] <stellar-slack> great update today @eva
[18:55] <stellar-slack> erm, Friday!
[18:56] <stellar-slack> Sorry I missed it
[18:56] <stellar-slack> @epsilon: "because we're ledgy" lol
[18:57] <stellar-slack> thanks! :lt3:
[19:04] <stellar-slack> @vanessa: We're ledgy mate. We're bloody legdy @ core
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