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[17:13] <stellar-slack1> oh hey, welcome @lpnotes! For those who don't know, she's the founder of http://codebuddies.org/
[17:13] <stellar-slack1> Really great to have you here, and please feel free to ask any technical questions you might have in #dev, or more general questions in #start-here :)
[17:14] <stellar-slack1> Also, Slack has a cool new feature where instead of just "starring" messages you can use whatever emoji you want to react to it. Seriously cool! http://slackhq.com/post/123561085920/reactions
[17:15] <stellar-slack1> try it out by hovering over a message until the small grey gear appears on the right. Click the gear and it'll let you choose whatever emoji you want, including the custom ones like :lt3: :stroopy: :quorum:
[18:46] <stellar-slack1> Hello @lpnotes it's nice to see you
[19:07] <stellar-slack1> @vanessa, I think you'd have a lot to chat about with @lpnotes - she thinks a lot about how to facilitate p2p developer learning, too :)
[19:07] <stellar-slack1> (Vanessa is Stellar's Educator)
[19:46] <stellar-slack1> hi
[19:48] <stellar-slack1> can anyone tell me about the split from ripple, what ideological differences there are, where the development of stellar stands relative to ripple, and the difference in the roadmaps between stellar and ripple?
[19:49] <stellar-slack1> i'm developing on ripple, but am unexpectedly experiencing friction. i can't even test transactions!
[19:51] <stellar-slack1> the fact that stellar is supported by a non-profit attracts me, but ripple seems to be more stable and more funded.
[19:51] <stellar-slack1> that said, i'd expect to be able to just start developing without any problems, but stellar surprisingly seems to be easier to play around with than ripple.
[19:52] <stellar-slack1> i don't know where to put my energy.
[19:52] <stellar-slack1> help me out here :)
[19:52] <stellar-slack1> Thanks for the welcome, @eva! Will check out #start-here later tonight. :) Also HIII @vanessa! We met via Aidan Feldman! Small world. :)
[19:55] <stellar-slack1> (links to this information would also suffice)
[19:56] <stellar-slack1> HI luke, I am not from the SDF, check the conversation on #dev and make sure you use the new stellar protocol for testing
[19:57] <stellar-slack1> Hi. you can also take a look at the stellar-core docs to see how it's designed: https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/tree/master/docs
[19:58] <stellar-slack1> ah yeah, i was looking for that link iris! :)
[19:58] <stellar-slack1> https://www.stellar.org/galaxy/getting-started/ http://stellar.github.io/go-horizon/guide/intro/ http://docs.stellarhorizon.apiary.io/# https://github.com/stellar/js-stellar-lib/tree/master/docs
[19:58] <stellar-slack1> those were posted by jed yesterday
[19:59] <stellar-slack1> just a note: we’re working on consolidating all of the documentation into fewer places.
[20:12] <stellar-slack1> how stable is the stellar network for development?
[20:12] <stellar-slack1> thanks for all the resources
[20:23] <stellar-slack1> the new stellar network (often referred to as stellar-core) is not yet stable for production use. I think it is stable enough for development use, especially if you take the time to run your own ledger locally (i.e. not connected to the public testnet). The testnet goes up and down as we make breaking changes prior to launch… we’re not really trying to keep the thing running in the face of breaking changes
[20:23] <stellar-slack1> that a change that gets pushed to testnet would break your integration. The last week in particular has had a lot of churn, but we anticipate breaking changes to happen much less often in our run up to release.
[20:23] <stellar-slack1> luke: ^^^^
[20:26] <stellar-slack1> so stellard was the fork of rippled. what led to stellar-core?
[20:27] <stellar-slack1> and thanks scott!
[20:29] <stellar-slack1> happy to help. you are correct, stellard was/is a fork of the ripple code base. A series of events precipitated the rewrite effort, you can read about one such event here https://www.stellar.org/blog/safety_liveness_and_fault_tolerance_consensus_choice/.
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