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[16:46] <stellar-slack> welcome @edlea! What brings you to Stellar's chat? :)
[16:50] <stellar-slack> Thanks @eva. I met @jed and @joyce a couple of times last year and am catching up on where Stellar’s got to
[16:50] <stellar-slack> oh cool! Great to see you around
[23:02] <stellar-slack> Hey @eva when it comes to technical discussions about the Stellar network is there anyone specifically I can talk to?
[23:04] <stellar-slack> hey! Depends on the topic - a good starting place is definitely the #dev channel. For questions about building to the network, I'd start with Scott + Andrew, and for stellar-core questions I'd try Jed + Monsieurnicolas
[23:04] <stellar-slack> but basically, ask in #dev and we'll find the right person :)
[23:11] <stellar-slack> Thanks :)
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