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[12:46] <stellar-slack> it seems like everyone is asleep, but what kind of help do Stellar need the most? ex) developers to build on Stellar network?
[12:48] <stellar-slack> @joyce: great presentation at the UN btw.
[14:24] <stellar-slack> Hi @hoony welcome!
[14:24] <stellar-slack> at the moment, @matschaffer is looking for some code review help in #dev
[14:26] <stellar-slack> Graydon actually popped online for a bit before bed and merged those, but comments are always welcome.
[14:27] <stellar-slack> A big focus for the two of us right now is basically running stellar-core through as many test scenarios as we can
[14:28] <stellar-slack> And welcome @hoony !
[17:30] <stellar-slack> welcome @hoony!
[17:30] <stellar-slack> latest Stellar community update: https://www.stellar.org/blog/stellar-report-blockchain-consensus-protocols-38haoli-un-digital-leaders/
[18:05] <stellar-slack> Thanks @hoony - it was an amazing experience being there:)
[18:06] <stellar-slack> @hoony: what parts of Stellar would *you* be most interested in helping with? :)
[21:30] <stellar-slack> @vanessa: @matschaffer thks ! and hello to all of you :)
[21:33] <stellar-slack> I was dreaming about a service that provides interoperability among currencies using block chain technology, but has with all the advantages that Stellar has
[21:36] <stellar-slack> Since I don't code, I would like to help to promote it :). Bitcoin is a currency and a protocol, and Stellar functions more as a protocol, so I think unless there is a novel way to promote it, we have to wait until people adopt to the service + people build on top of Stellar.
[21:38] <stellar-slack> anyways, It's great that Stellar has Slack, I think it's a great mode of communication ! Please feel free to add to my suggestions thx !
[22:16] <stellar-slack> @hoony that's so great to hear! And agreed, it's great to chat in real-time with the community.
[22:16] <stellar-slack> You say that interoperability is really important to you - is there something in particular about the way money moves in your local economy that makes you aware of that need?
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