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[01:02] <stellar-slack> welcome noah !
[01:03] <stellar-slack> and thanks for the translation help :)
[01:20] <stellar-slack> hi noah, can you share your blog url?
[01:35] <stellar-slack> noah san, are you running http://stellar1.blog.fc2.com|stellar1.blog.fc2.com ?
[02:31] <stellar-slack> Hello everyone, my blog is http://dtnoah.blog.fc2.com/blog-category-11.html please feel free to stop by anytime :)
[02:59] <stellar-slack> Thanks kwelstr
[05:13] <stellar-slack> The online wallet cannot be connected ("The server is reconnecting in a few seconds... Reconnect now") and I came across similar issues two days ago. Anybody knows what's going on?
[05:27] <stellar-slack> hsxuif: on http://launch.stellar.org|launch.stellar.org ? Seems to be working at the moment. Those servers (stellard) do go out of sync fairly regularly. Could be what you’re hitting
[05:29] <stellar-slack> the morning of June 28th UTC was especially bumpy for some reason
[05:30] <stellar-slack> 27 Jun 2015 21:04 - 28 Jun 2015 12:14 specifically
[05:31] <stellar-slack> could be you were trying during one of those Jun 27th periods
[05:33] <stellar-slack> noah san: great job!
[08:29] <stellar-slack> matschaffer: working now, thanks! I was thinking that it was because Stellar was deploying the new system, lol
[08:45] <stellar-slack> I wish :) not quite there yet
[15:52] <stellar-slack> @noah it's so great to see you on Slack!
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