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[04:52] <stellar-slack> STR website is very slow I send the STR to be closed it will be very, very long. And there is no historical record. I want to know when stellar new clients online. We have't wait
[06:10] <stellar-slack> Can stellar online wallet provide the *exact date* information for the receive/send transactions? Or better, one human-friendly last N transaction view, and another for the full transaction log view?
[11:05] <stellar-slack> http://intheoreum.org/#intheoreum-10
[11:07] <stellar-slack> @johnicholas: we should probably create #random channel for such links ;)
[11:08] <stellar-slack> ah, inappropriate for #general? np
[12:05] <stellar-slack> Guys, I am happy to announce that I am forking bobchain inTheoreum. My project will use johnchain technology. I will use a cat as a logo; the coin will be called SMC(Smelly Cat). My main focus is to bring fun back to the digital currencies. :)
[12:05] <stellar-slack> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7jlGRq8xZ4
[13:03] <stellar-slack> :O smelly cat
[13:37] <stellar-slack> @xekoukou: but we already have a lovely doge, shibe, right? Also, I guess it's better to discuss SMC at BTT firstly.
[17:12] <stellar-slack> Oh man, I love smelly cat
[17:12] <stellar-slack> new financial inclusion roundup hot off the presses! https://www.stellar.org/financial-inclusion-roundup-periodic-table-remittances-smart-the-effects-of-poverty/
[17:12] <stellar-slack> (and yes, that IS a periodic table of remittances in the preview)
[18:46] <stellar-slack> whoa! http://theweek.com/articles/560046/inside-counterfeit-facebook-farm
[18:46] <stellar-slack> "Since his business began, Braggs has expanded into Yahoo, Gmail, and Twitter PVAs, and his customers have used the fake accounts in all sorts of scams. On the dating site Tinder, for example, Braggs said he believes seductive women solicit male users for pay-to-access porn sites. *His biggest order, he told me, was for Chinese hackers trying to fleece the digital payment exchange Stellar;* he hired every freelanc
[18:46] <stellar-slack> still only able to fulfill a small portion of it."
[18:47] <stellar-slack> How would that work? Is Stellar vulnerable to a pump-and-dump sort of speculative game?
[19:00] <stellar-slack> johnicholas: all coins are vulnerable to pump and dump, the biggest market is bitcoin and it happens all the time. The FB problem for Stellar was due to the free giveaway for new accounts. It was supposed to be one person per account, with the FB fakes there were "farmers" milking that giveaway and making some hay. For now that little game is over. Let's hope if there is another giveaway in the future the SDF ca
[19:00] <stellar-slack> way to distribute and engage new users.
[19:01] <stellar-slack> I see
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