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[00:19] <stellar-slack1> kwelstr: at least in slack you can wrap stuff like that in github style backticks ``` _-----_ | | .--------------------------. |--(o)--| | like so | `---------´ '--------------------------' ( _´U`_ ) /___A___ | ~ | __'.___.'__ ´ ` |° ´ Y ` ```
[00:20] <stellar-slack1> huh well, knock me down with a feather! :)
[00:20] <stellar-slack1> gets pretty messed up in the IRC logs https://botbot.me/freenode/stellar/ but can’t win ‘em all
[00:20] <stellar-slack1> yeah I saw that on IRC first LOL
[00:50] <stellar-slack1> I see hmmm
[00:52] <Kwelstr> that didn't post
[00:53] <stellar-slack1> test
[00:54] <stellar-slack1> looks like sync is busted
[00:55] <stellar-slack> test
[00:55] <stellar-slack> :(
[00:56] <stellar-slack> wish this thing had better logging
[00:56] <stellar-slack> oh wait. Wrong channel
[00:56] <stellar-slack> kwelstr: I see. You did a snippet
[00:56] <stellar-slack> those don’t sync
[00:56] <stellar-slack> I don’t think any of the slack-specific stuff syncs (snippets, attachments, etc)
[00:59] <stellar-slack> uhm ok, so it was just plain 'ol ``` ?
[01:00] <stellar-slack> yeah, then use shift-enter to get new lines w/o posting to the channel
[01:01] <stellar-slack> yay great
[01:01] <stellar-slack> now I know how to post on Slack and not in IRC mwahaha, snipplet!
[01:02] <stellar-slack> snippet
[01:05] <stellar-slack> ``` _________________ < hello cowsay mooo > ------------------ ^__^ (oo)_______ (__) )/ ||----w | || || ```
[01:38] <stellar-slack> nice
[01:40] <stellar-slack> please, use this power for good not evil ;)
[01:41] <stellar-slack> and while I failed to find a good gif or meme for that, I did come across this. Which is awesome https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/7168677120/h996C1668/
[02:27] <stellar-slack> haha
[02:28] <stellar-slack> https://asciinema.org/a/21846
[08:26] <stellar-slack> In the worst case how long could stellar transactions take?
[08:26] <stellar-slack> to verify/validate/whatever its called
[08:54] <stellar-slack> yaseenhamdulay: on current production? it should typically be pretty quick but our stellard nodes tend to go up to ~1500s out of sync every other day or so
[08:55] <stellar-slack> so if you happen to catch it in an out of sync period it could take that long to actually get validated
[08:56] <stellar-slack> I see a few cases that are more like 2500s
[08:56] <stellar-slack> seconds or milliseconds
[08:56] <stellar-slack> seconds
[08:56] <stellar-slack> okie
[08:57] <stellar-slack> thanks
[08:57] <stellar-slack> normal operation is a lot less than that, but since you asked for worst case :)
[08:58] <stellar-slack> no problem!
[11:28] <stellar-slack> mat, average will be like 3 secs?
[11:58] <stellar-slack> kwelstr: that sounds a little low for an average. If I look at the avg ledger age for the first public node over the last 12hrs it’s 16s. Granted I think it'll be faster if the txn gets into the validator just before a ledger close
[13:08] <stellar-slack> thanks mat, my guess was 3 to 5 secs, but even 16s sounds pretty fast
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