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[02:54] <stellar-slack> are you happy in SF?
[02:56] <stellar-slack> I am
[08:09] <stellar-slack> Hello, I've just install stellar-core in my server. How can I connect it to stellar network?
[14:39] <stellar-slack> anhvu980: see the testnet config in /docs of the repo
[14:44] <stellar-slack> hey folks! we use Stellar to power Reveal Coin, and today we are announcing our seed round of funding, as well as releasing a new version of the app! :) you can check out the announcement here: https://medium.com/@revealhq/introducing-reveal-cdb71f491bd6
[14:50] <stellar-slack> @josh great job! :) I will give it a try this week. and I love your new logo!
[14:59] <stellar-slack> @josh it looks great, will download it on my ipad and wait for the android version for my phone :)
[15:01] <stellar-slack> @jed Thank you. I've seen. Is the testnet only for testing or real network? Can I transfer STR, BTC with it?
[15:04] <stellar-slack> thanks @bartek and @hcf27! :)
[15:06] <stellar-slack> @josh I also bought some RVL on the Stellar market! hehe, works really well too
[15:37] <stellar-slack> vu980: it is just a test net for now
[16:39] <stellar-slack> @josh looks great! more info about Reveal: http://www.forbes.com/sites/timconneally/2015/06/16/reveal-launches-pays-early-adopters-in-cryptocurrency/ and http://techcrunch.com/2015/06/16/reveal-picks-up-1-5m-to-bring-cryptocurrency-to-the-mobile-social-space/
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