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[03:25] <stellar-slack> How long stellar give bonus more?
[03:43] <stellar-slack> OK so I'm here.. now what ;)
[05:46] <stellar-slack> hello.. i'm new here, i hope somebody can help me
[05:49] <stellar-slack> may the force be with you
[11:20] <stellar-slack> isbandi dez and all, if you have questions ask them or else just scroll up and read the previous conversations on the channel and the answers. Welcome all.
[17:35] <stellar-slack> Phishing site imitating StellarTalk on Facebook. Full of phishing links. Please remove: https://www.facebook.com/pages/StellarTalk/395813023933264
[18:38] <stellar-slack> @kwelstr: thanks for the heads up! looks like the link they're sending out is already reported as a phishing link to google
[18:38] <stellar-slack> I've also reported them on FB
[20:51] <stellar-slack> @donovan: is it ok if I dm you today?
[20:52] <stellar-slack> @vanessa: Sure :)
[20:52] <stellar-slack> Thanks! Talk to you soon.
[20:53] <stellar-slack> Also @lab is it ok if I private message you?
[21:05] <stellar-slack> Hello, is the discussion today?
[21:10] <stellar-slack> It's on Weds @xekoukou but very excited to see you there!
[21:11] <stellar-slack> Apparently, my time zone conversion was incorrect, :) .
[21:12] <stellar-slack> I feel your pain @xekoukou
[21:12] <stellar-slack> Time zone hopscotch
[22:13] <stellar-slack> welcome all newcomers! Hope to see you around for the community chat tomorrow :stroopy: :) @jinyong @dez @saad @saotvchanel @ndc @kangjuan @fmsaldua @savinaynarendra @avinash @turan @amantoaster @isbandi @rtip @rickeyre @sam, @apollo, @angelomilan, @jesse, @irony, @fafacks, @fa123, @dwaned @petersonfs @voreshkov @larrybolt, @dinomiha, @hafichuk, @ryal, @antonioshadji, @claudio
[22:53] <stellar-slack> Indeed--how to join: http://www.fastcompany.com/3046757/innovation-agents/president-barack-obama-on-what-we-the-people-means-in-the-21st-century
[23:17] <stellar-slack> Oh geez wrong link
[23:17] <stellar-slack> https://www.stellar.org/blog/community-chat-slack
[23:17] <stellar-slack> This heat in Palm Springs
[23:17] <stellar-slack> hehe must be killer!
[23:19] <stellar-slack> :)
[23:19] <stellar-slack> I mean, nice article though, so there's that
[23:47] <stellar-slack> Awesome visual of the remittance landscape - and Stellar gets a shout-out :) http://faisalkhan.com/2015/06/10/periodic-table-of-remittances-money-transfer/
[23:52] <stellar-slack> +1 Eva. Faisal has keep a close eye on Stellar (& Ripple) for year(s).
[23:57] <stellar-slack> oh cool :)
[23:57] <stellar-slack> I don't think I know Faisal, but would love to know them better
[23:58] <stellar-slack> thanks for the tip @zealord!
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