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[03:53] <stellar-slack1> interesting post from a former SDF employee : https://xrptalk.org/topic/6593-britto-vs-mccaleb/?p=81378
[14:59] <stellar-slack1> This article was sent to me by a friend working on behavioral economics after we were talking abt the idea of lock-box savings accounts http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-anti-poverty-experiment-1433517539
[15:00] <stellar-slack1> and in it, it talks abt this program in the US that I had no idea about. There is a lotto-like program for savings accounts. banks can hold promotions that act like jackpots for ppl who save: http://blogs.wsj.com/totalreturn/2015/01/28/can-lotteries-at-banks-get-people-to-save-more/
[15:07] <stellar-slack1> Awesome @dzham omw!
[15:23] <stellar-slack1> welcome @nic and @hof!
[16:07] <stellar-slack1> Hello @emilyhorsman - welcome:)
[16:07] <stellar-slack1> hey @joyce :)
[16:24] <stellar-slack1> often lack the motivation to pursue their own best interest unless it can be done almost effortlessly :scream: procrastinate, putting off until tomorrow just about everything they can get away without doing today :scream_cat:
[16:42] <stellar-slack1> Wow so many new people today! Welcome @cdelargy ? I'm curious what is bringing everyone today:)
[16:42] <stellar-slack1> Maybe it's @joyce's shining vibe :)
[16:42] <stellar-slack1> maybe its vanessas awesome medium post
[16:42] <stellar-slack1> :ewok:
[16:42] <stellar-slack1> Just so everyone knows, the :ewok: emoji is @joyce's favorite
[16:44] <stellar-slack1> hi all, @joyce planning to be a fly on the wall tomorrow at the dev chat
[16:45] <stellar-slack1> doesn't the ewok get tired of jumping so much, ever? :surpan:
[16:47] <stellar-slack1> @cdelargy: thats great. are you a dev and if so, what do you work on. @kwelstr nevahhhhhh!! ;) I grew up on star wars. like, weekend family breakfasts, someone would pop in the video tape and we would watch it while reading the weekend paper (remember video tapes...be kind, rewind)
[16:48] <stellar-slack1> @joyce: i was in Palo Alto doing bitcoin stuff @ intuit for a while (2011-2014) now am freelance
[16:50] <stellar-slack1> :ewok:
[16:51] <stellar-slack1> got it. Did you know Yumi Clark? I met her at a conf
[16:52] <stellar-slack1> I just favorited that comment @kwelstr
[16:52] <stellar-slack1> Also welcome @cdelargy we're happy to have you
[16:53] <stellar-slack1> yeah yumi was in payments
[16:54] <stellar-slack1> cool - small world! for tmrw's chat, you should also join the #dev channel since i think its happening in there
[17:55] <stellar-slack1> welcome @duongtienluan :)
[18:20] <stellar-slack1> Reminder*: tomorrow June 11 from 9am EST - 11am EST http://Stellar.org|Stellar.org dev team members (including @bartek) will be demoing + answering questions about the Interstellar Module System *in the #dev channel*. See more info about IMS here: https://www.stellar.org/blog/developer-preview-interstellar-module-system/
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