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[00:26] <stellar-slack> hi eva, what is "new open web application system" for?
[01:19] <stellar-slack> @lab hey! So, without giving too much away and stealing the thunder from the announcement ... it's going to be a system that gives developers really cool tools.
[01:19] <stellar-slack> for more details, all I can say is stick around :P
[01:35] <stellar-slack> welcome, @jack!
[02:16] <stellar-slack> can't wait to see it. thanks @eva.
[02:17] <stellar-slack> sure, and I can't wait til we can share it :)
[02:32] <stellar-slack> Is it a toolbox of lego bricks to build a customized wallet?
[02:32] <stellar-slack> i guess
[02:37] <stellar-slack> a good guess :)
[04:12] <stellar-slack> response styles hmm..
[04:13] <stellar-slack> /giphy hmm giphy: http://giphy.com/gifs/thank-you-despicable-me-following-dqhn9xq7jCgDK
[14:12] <stellar-slack> nothing new
[17:42] <stellar-slack> welcome, @recronje! What brings you to the Stellar Slack?
[23:15] <MaxSan> Curious
[23:15] <MaxSan> Are Stellar still doing the Stellar give aways for people?
[23:16] <stellar-slack> @maxsan the giveaway is paused. It will not be stopped forever. There will be a new, redesigned educational system. The date is not set yet, nor is the design finalized.
[23:19] <MaxSan> Is it going to have a section for BTC holders still?
[23:20] <stellar-slack> yeah. The BTC giveaway is in our mandate
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