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[00:00] <stellar-slack> Hi @shannon! Welcome to our slack channel
[00:13] <stellar-slack> welcome @shannon :simple_smile: What brings you to the Stellar Slack?
[00:42] <stellar-slack> hello somebody?
[00:49] <stellar-slack> welcome
[01:00] <stellar-slack> hi
[01:00] <stellar-slack> Detailed information will be announced where?
[01:01] <stellar-slack> @tinhlabo: when we have details they will be announced here on Slack and on our email list
[01:06] <stellar-slack> email lists that you say is the email account associated with stellar ?
[01:07] <stellar-slack> you can sign up for the email list here: http://stellar.us9.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=c001d97369b7a10d224c23867&id=c77c979e43
[01:13] <stellar-slack> @eva: i was trading stellar more than 1 million , but never got 1 invite :disappointed: .when all my friend get invite code my stellar no balance
[01:14] <stellar-slack> see our FAQ on the invite system @andikaqren https://stellarorg.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202793105-Why-don-t-I-have-the-invite-feature-in-my-account-
[01:29] <stellar-slack> #eva
[01:29] <stellar-slack> Giveaway new upgrade ? hope will not involve facebook account , always is the abuse.
[01:30] <stellar-slack> @tinhlabo: yes, we're working on one that we hope will be even better :simple_smile:
[01:39] <stellar-slack> will be a new type of distribution ?
[01:40] <stellar-slack> @tinhlabo: please see my previous comment: https://stellar-public.slack.com/archives/general/p1432059758000498
[01:40] <Kwelstr> tinhlabo, it looks like the farmers are not going to be allowed in the new distribution
[01:41] <Kwelstr> I feel sorry for all you farmers that worked so hard for the free STR
[01:42] <stellar-slack> Kwelstr member?
[01:43] <Kwelstr> tinhlabo i am just a member of the community
[01:44] <stellar-slack> #eva
[01:44] <stellar-slack> Kwelstr say is true?
[01:45] <Kwelstr> is true, I say
[01:46] <stellar-slack> I don't have any further information than what has already been posted.
[01:46] <stellar-slack> I do not see anyone saying so
[01:46] <Kwelstr> if you are a farmer, cut your loses now
[01:46] <Kwelstr> take my advice
[01:49] <stellar-slack> #Kwelstr
[01:49] <stellar-slack> you seem to be joking me.
[01:49] <stellar-slack> :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
[01:50] <Kwelstr> tinhlabo word to the wise
[01:55] <stellar-slack> Kwelstr
[01:55] <stellar-slack> There will be a new, redesigned educational system, education you have to understand what is not?
[01:58] <stellar-slack> hello
[01:59] <Kwelstr> hi thittop93
[01:59] <Kwelstr> i mean 96
[02:00] <Kwelstr> tinhlabo the new educational system will filter the farmers out, so tell your friends, just in case
[02:01] <stellar-slack> :smile: Kwelstr
[02:01] <stellar-slack> where do you from?
[02:02] <Kwelstr> US here, ASL?
[02:02] <stellar-slack> Kwelstr hoang tưởng
[02:02] <stellar-slack> blush:
[02:03] <Kwelstr> tinhlabo it is not paranoia, it is true
[02:03] <stellar-slack> oh :smile:
[02:03] <stellar-slack> tinhlabo is vietnamese
[02:04] <Kwelstr> hoang tưởng = paranoia in Vietnamese language
[02:05] <stellar-slack> right
[02:05] <Kwelstr> I got the babel fish in my ear
[02:07] <Kwelstr> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_races_and_species_in_The_Hitchhiker%27s_Guide_to_the_Galaxy#Babel_fish <---- info on the babel fish
[02:07] <stellar-slack> you seem to be the talkative
[02:08] <Kwelstr> well, my cat won't let me sleep so I gotta pass the time
[02:10] <stellar-slack> matter :grinning:
[02:44] <stellar-slack> Hello all
[02:45] <stellar-slack> hi @fergalslack
[02:49] <stellar-slack> what are we doing here?
[02:49] <stellar-slack> waiting?
[02:54] <stellar-slack> will you waste days for 200 STRs only?
[03:10] <stellar-slack> For one account I wouldn’t bother, but if you can make ten accounts in a day, that’s about minimum wage in some South East Asian countries
[03:37] <stellar-slack> tens? hundreds is the minimal level.
[03:38] <stellar-slack> big farmer produce thousands per day.
[03:42] <stellar-slack> Yeah, I’m just saying 10 accounts == minimum wage. I know they’re doing a lot more, I just wanted to bring some perspective into this.
[03:45] <stellar-slack> it's almost fully automatic.
[03:45] <stellar-slack> For sure it is
[03:47] <stellar-slack> The giveaway was not even help poor mans in developing countries.
[03:48] <stellar-slack> True
[03:48] <stellar-slack> It's just so easy to overlook that, to think it's hard work w/ low margins.. "Why bother for 200 STR?"
[03:49] <stellar-slack> If you buy bulk, a sim card can be bought for <50 STR, so SMS verification is worthless
[03:50] <stellar-slack> it makes farmer who was rich to be well educated in developing countries richer.
[03:51] <stellar-slack> Yeah, the FB PVA sellers had their lucky day
[03:51] <stellar-slack> no
[03:52] <stellar-slack> PVA sellers are small fishes
[03:52] <stellar-slack> ah!
[03:53] <stellar-slack> who are the big guys? hacked accounts ? phishers?
[03:53] <stellar-slack> criminals who consume hacked accounts.
[03:53] <stellar-slack> PVA seems like the perfect match, because their account are still as valuable even after they have signed up for Stellar
[03:54] <stellar-slack> ok
[03:55] <stellar-slack> the price of a "legitimate" fb account they got is much cheaper than PVA sellers.
[03:56] <stellar-slack> They are liars!
[03:57] <stellar-slack> Say things are not done!
[03:59] <stellar-slack> what was said?
[03:59] <stellar-slack> ...
[04:09] <stellar-slack> what new ?
[04:09] <stellar-slack> Welcome @quynhk8 :simple_smile: How're you?
[04:10] <stellar-slack> i'm fine
[04:16] <stellar-slack> I'm waiting for the new upgrade from stellar platform, a new program and better finishing :simple_smile:
[04:20] <stellar-slack> new upgrade may affect the Balance in my account
[04:20] <stellar-slack> i have 10000 str
[04:20] <stellar-slack> :simple_smile:
[04:43] <stellar-slack> hello
[06:10] <stellar-slack> Hello Eva how are you?
[06:14] <stellar-slack> quynhk8: I believe your STR 10k will be migrated over to the new system as XLM 10k when it is ready.
[06:40] <stellar-slack> Hey everyone! Just a quick question: why has the protocol been changed to require an AllowTrustOp from a user before I can hold their credits if I've created a trust line with them?
[06:59] <stellar-slack> sunny-g: Hey! Where are you seeing this?
[07:02] <stellar-slack> http://Stellar.github.io/js-stellar-lib/docs/operation.js.html#line167|Stellar.github.io/js-stellar-lib/docs/operation.js.html#line167
[07:02] <stellar-slack> Actually line 158
[07:03] <stellar-slack> I'm also seeing an AUTH_REQUIRED_FLAG that may or may not be required to be set on say my acct before I can issue an AllowTrustOp txn
[07:04] <stellar-slack> I'm trying to build a social currency built on p2p trust lines so if every trust line created requires the other party's consent, I'm dead in the water
[07:08] <stellar-slack> If you set your account to require auth then only clients you specify may trade/hold your currency IOUs/credits
[07:08] <stellar-slack> provatises things a bit
[07:08] <stellar-slack> priv*
[07:09] <stellar-slack> Ya gives you more control, so if accts by default don't set the flag, I'm in the clear as I was before the change it seems
[07:09] <stellar-slack> correct :simple_smile:
[07:09] <stellar-slack> Sweet! And the revocable flag?
[07:10] <stellar-slack> Same as was implemented in Ripple where you can freeze your credits? Or more?
[07:19] <stellar-slack> Also, now that I think about it, has the concept of rippling been deprecated for market offers? And if so, how does one use them to replicate the functionality of rippling?
[09:27] <stellar-slack> str has changed so anyone new?
[10:14] <stellar-slack> need to have control over them
[10:36] <stellar-slack> @chrishall78 mahalo! Good to see you here :)
[11:52] <stellar-slack> hy joyce
[14:24] <stellar-slack> Hello
[14:24] <stellar-slack> I got the message from stellar "Educational Giveaway Program Temporarily Paused"
[14:25] <stellar-slack> I've sign-up 2 day before . Could I receive 125 STR ?
[15:06] <stellar-slack> hi Stan. Welcome to this Slack channel. Great to see you here.
[15:07] <stellar-slack> Hey
[15:07] <stellar-slack> Bonjour @stan :simple_smile:
[15:07] <stellar-slack> Hello!
[15:16] <stellar-slack> What brings you here?
[15:19] <stellar-slack> Just hanging around. Also the demo is kind of broken I think.
[15:20] <stellar-slack> Step 3 fails both on https://www.stellar.org/galaxy/ and using an actual curl command
[15:27] <stellar-slack> hey @stan looks like maybe the testnet is stalled. I blame it on your implementation of SCP (just joking :)). Let me ping one of the stellar-core guys to see what’s going on
[15:28] <stellar-slack> @scott: probably that :simple_smile: hahaha
[15:28] <stellar-slack> Thanks @scott :quorum: :taco:
[15:30] <stellar-slack> @scott: I'd like to play with setting up a gateway and moving currencies around --> v1 or can I do it w/ galaxy (even if painful :wink: )?
[15:32] <stellar-slack> It’ll be a bit painful since some of the useful information with moving currencies around isn’t impemented in horizon yet (notably, there’s no way to get orderbook information), but the transactions all work w/galaxy. You can, for example, create a gateway, have another account extend trust to it and issue credits
[15:33] <stellar-slack> I recommend Andrew’s js library `js-stellar-lib` as a starting point… it’s the most fleshed out of the client libraries.
[15:34] <stellar-slack> @scott: cool! I'll go read the code then!
[15:34] <stellar-slack> thx thx!
[15:34] <stellar-slack> anytime :simple_smile:
[15:53] <stellar-slack> Welcome 'back' to this slack channel @qf. It's cool to see early Stellar promoter here.
[15:53] <stellar-slack> :simple_smile: hi! good to be back
[15:53] <stellar-slack> woohoo, @qf representing!
[15:54] <stellar-slack> @qf is 24-hour slack chatin it up over in #resources
[15:54] <stellar-slack> come if you're interested in income volatility, come join us!
[15:56] <stellar-slack> according to the Times, you can also ask me about thoughtful advice or marijuana
[15:56] <stellar-slack> lol
[15:56] <stellar-slack> We are a welcoming community :simple_smile:
[16:00] <stellar-slack> :grinning:
[16:40] <stellar-slack> You folks should explore facilitating discussions on Blab - http://www.blab.im|www.blab.im
[17:29] <stellar-slack> @joyce thanks! thought i would come and check out the chat today in the resources channel.
[17:46] <stellar-slack> Hi @chrishall78 **welcome**
[17:49] <stellar-slack> @chrishall78: please do! Welcome :simple_smile: Loving the chat so far
[17:49] <stellar-slack> @alexsingh signed up, and am waiting to hear about getting a channel so we can test it out.
[17:50] <stellar-slack> :thumbsup:
[18:26] <stellar-slack> I’m deactivating stellar payments on piiko
[18:27] <stellar-slack> @umbrel: everything okay?
[18:27] <stellar-slack> Well, it’s been too unreliable lately. Let’s wait until the problem resolved or network relaunched
[18:29] <stellar-slack> @umbrel: totally understand. Hope you'll reintegrate soon. Also, feel free to ask in #dev about the recent instability. My understanding is that it's been stabilized, but I wouldn't want to speak for them :simple_smile:
[18:29] <stellar-slack> @umbrel: is it okay if I add your email to a shortlist of integrators to contact about the new network with important updates?
[18:29] <stellar-slack> Sure, I maybe already there, because I get some notifications
[18:30] <stellar-slack> okay good
[18:30] <stellar-slack> I will double check!
[18:30] <stellar-slack> again, really sorry for the inconvenience + instability, and for what it's worth we're all really excited for the new network too
[18:30] <stellar-slack> Piiko is really really cool
[18:30] <stellar-slack> I’m sure developers do what they can, I just don’t need extra headache at the moment :simple_smile:
[18:31] <stellar-slack> Thanks @eva
[18:31] <stellar-slack> totally get it :thumbsup:
[18:31] <stellar-slack> here’s beta: http://piiko-staging.herokuapp.com|piiko-staging.herokuapp.com
[18:31] <stellar-slack> oooh
[18:31] <stellar-slack> I'll explore a bit, thank you
[18:32] <stellar-slack> Let me know if you or anyone else have any feedback
[18:32] <stellar-slack> will do, and i'll make sure to circulate this to SDF
[18:35] <stellar-slack> @umbrel: make sure you're writing your beta to the new API
[18:36] <stellar-slack> Well, it’s mostly frontend at the moment
[18:36] <stellar-slack> here's some resources for you:
[18:36] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/js-stellar-lib
[18:36] <stellar-slack> http://jsfiddle.net/stellardev/rxsd1fd0/|jsfiddle.net/stellardev/rxsd1fd0/
[18:36] <stellar-slack> thanks
[18:36] <stellar-slack> I’ll do
[18:37] <stellar-slack> js-stellar-lib is still under development, but im hoping to quickly bring it to 0.1 and release better documentation
[18:37] <stellar-slack> anyway, the client tutorial code should also provide a good resource
[18:38] <stellar-slack> it’s ok, I track progress closely
[18:41] <stellar-slack> great, and thanks very much for letting us know @umbrel
[18:46] <stellar-slack> @umbrel: as an aside, I would really recommend spriting those flag images. You could make your landing page feel a lot quicker.
[18:48] <stellar-slack> at least until http/2 is widely deployed :simple_smile:
[18:48] <stellar-slack> Well, yes, something I need to do, but I’m lazy :simple_smile:
[18:48] <stellar-slack> :simple_smile:
[20:37] <stellar-slack> Howdy @daveyoon! :simple_smile: Everyone, meet my good friend dave - he has a ton of exp working at tech nonprofits
[20:37] <stellar-slack> hello @daveyoon! Welcome
[20:37] <stellar-slack> Don't know if you saw, but we're having a community chat in #resources right now about income volatility. You'd be more than welcome to pop in :simple_smile:
[21:39] <stellar-slack> welcome @daverawlingssf! Good to see you in here
[21:44] <stellar-slack> the latest community update, hot off the press: https://www.stellar.org/blog/stellar-report-testnet-demo-community-chat-slack-guide
[21:54] <stellar-slack> @joyce: Thanks :simple_smile: Vanessa's getting me all fixed up with the latest and greatest collaboration technology!
[22:13] <stellar-slack> welcome @ronaldo
[22:43] <stellar-slack> hello... . I have a live proof of concept and need a developer to (1) a remittance app on top of Stellar; (2) integration work on a Stellar Gateway from (probably Canada) to the Philippines, possibly Hong Kong); and (3) probably someone to host the solution, provide maintenance, bug fixes, etc. The remittance app should give a similar customer experience to venmo, xoom, remitly, etc. Please let me know i
[23:16] <stellar-slack> @dzham: ^^^
[23:17] <stellar-slack> @joyce: saw that, already PM’d :simple_smile:
[23:18] <stellar-slack> @daverawlingssf: Love that you’re thinking about the Philippines!
[23:24] <stellar-slack> I needed some emergency cash a couple of weeks ago, after my CC expired and before they replaced it. Paid a 7% premium at Localbitcoins in Sweden, got PHP at spot price just an hour later. The competition in .ph is fierce.
[23:25] <stellar-slack> ooof wow
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