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[12:21] <stellar-slack> both of them :simple_smile:
[12:49] <stellar-slack> hello
[14:32] <stellar-slack> Stellar has gone wrong! Very helpless! Usually they do not know what to do!
[16:22] <stellar-slack> @accd1002: you who have no credibility
[16:23] <stellar-slack> @accd1002: you are fraudsters were given no assistance in this group
[17:09] <stellar-slack> So, is stellar-core replaces stellard (stellar server) ?
[17:13] <stellar-slack> ^ yes. The ledger and cross node communication part of it
[17:13] <stellar-slack> Horizon, the api server, is the other part
[17:19] <stellar-slack> Thanks @irisli . How about the stellar-client? Should we use it to interact with the Horizon server?
[17:59] <stellar-slack> we are also updating the client
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