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[00:41] <stellar-slack> anyone in London next week? Joyce is speaking at The Next Billion conference on "Financial empowerment in the developing world" http://thenextbillion.qz.com/london2015
[02:17] <stellar-slack> Yeah. Me. :smiley:
[03:22] <stellar-slack> @stellar4life nice!
[03:23] <stellar-slack> any chance you'll be at the conference @stellar4life?
[05:36] <stellar-slack> Server what happened? Why has there been in the wrong?
[06:49] <stellar-slack> connecting stellar ~~!
[10:13] <stellar-slack> I can not have any transaction status when connecting always happen
[10:54] <stellar-slack> sorry folks, we’re still offline. We’ve been working on it non-stop but still have no idea why the nodes keep disconnecting.
[10:55] <stellar-slack> it snaps back occasionally, then drops out of sync again
[15:45] <stellar-slack> @eva will try. I'm on a tight schedule. But i'm sure Stellar will be holding day long conferences around the world at some point in the future.
[20:01] <stellar-slack> @stellar4life: here's hoping :)
[21:56] <stellar-slack> What's up people?
[21:56] <stellar-slack> Sorry first if i wrote in the wrong place.
[21:56] <stellar-slack> I need 500 str and i have 1$ http://amazon.com|amazon.com Gift Card can we make a deal :simple_smile:
[23:29] <stellar-slack> username or address @smartiphone
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