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[00:29] <stellar-slack> Thanks Kwelstr!
[00:30] <stellar-slack> I always get really excited when people "get" Stellar :simple_smile:
[10:40] <stellar-slack> i got a problem with running stellard and hope someone can help me out here. thanks
[10:40] <stellar-slack> i set [peers_max] in stellard.cfg to 1000, but i can only connect to a few peers, say 3 or 4. what's wrong with my conf setting?
[11:43] <stellar-slack> Hi webber, that question is better for #dev channel.
[12:20] <stellar-slack> @kwelstr i see. thanks for letting me know
[14:47] <stellar-slack> sure, good luck :simple_smile:
[17:08] <stellar-slack> thanks @kwelstr :simple_smile:
[18:13] <stellar-slack> anyone following the #povertysummit livestream from the US whitehouse? https://twitter.com/WHLive/status/598157068034568193
[18:16] <stellar-slack> @joyce made a tasty tweet if @channel wants to give it some attention on Twitter: https://twitter.com/joyce/status/597857722286092290
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