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[18:58] <stellar-slack> really awesome article came out today on Stellar's mission + tech! http://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/introduction-to-stellar-a-decentralized-nonprofit-infrastructure-for-financial-transactions--cms-23096
[18:58] <stellar-slack> It would be great if you guys could tweet it/share it :simple_smile:
[19:12] <stellar-slack> done, really nice articl
[19:38] <stellar-slack> ya, the author did a really good job
[19:56] <stellar-slack> thanks @umbrel!
[19:57] <stellar-slack> agreed, it's really thoughtful
[22:12] <stellar-slack> Ok, I tweeted that one too. Nice article.
[22:12] <stellar-slack> thanks @kwelstr!
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