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[04:47] <stellar-slack> welcome @connorleech!
[13:14] <stellar-slack> welcome @hodgestar :simple_smile: Glad you made it over!
[13:16] <stellar-slack> :simple_smile:
[16:19] <stellar-slack> holy crap you guys just released the new code?
[16:24] <stellar-slack> Are you talking abt the release for galaxy?
[16:30] <stellar-slack> The SCP
[16:31] <stellar-slack> ahh, yes! funny, that feels like ages ago now. here was the announcement blog post: https://www.stellar.org/blog/stellar-consensus-protocol-proof-code/
[16:32] <stellar-slack> and here is the page that links to all the other resources, including a graphic novel that explains consensus:) https://www.stellar.org/galaxy/
[16:33] <stellar-slack> Oh crap. I misread the date. Thought it said May 8th, and thought you had launched the code today
[16:34] <stellar-slack> lol
[16:34] <stellar-slack> heheh
[16:34] <stellar-slack> not at all!
[16:34] <stellar-slack> it's still exciting :simple_smile:
[16:34] <stellar-slack> (I mean, at least to me)
[16:34] <stellar-slack> in-production launch is still yet to come though
[16:35] <stellar-slack> me too.
[16:37] <stellar-slack> In production launch before the end of June?
[16:38] <stellar-slack> ah, looks like Jed told someone 2 months at #dev
[16:38] <stellar-slack> here is the link to milestones: https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/milestones
[16:39] <stellar-slack> and always open to open source contributions :smile:
[16:39] <stellar-slack> damn, this slack channel is missing my favorite emoji...i need to add it once i have time
[16:39] <stellar-slack> but yes, the dev team is working hard and making lots of progress
[16:40] <stellar-slack> :blush: "how time flies"
[16:40] <stellar-slack> @joyce: the ewok, or ?
[16:40] <stellar-slack> That's great news. Thanks for the link.
[16:40] <stellar-slack> @cryptojoe: have you seen the graphic novel that goes with it?
[16:41] <stellar-slack> my fav ewok - you know me well :wink:
[16:41] <stellar-slack> Opening the novel now.
[16:42] <stellar-slack> excellent
[16:42] <stellar-slack> let us know what you think!
[16:42] <stellar-slack> @joyce: thought so :smile:
[16:44] <stellar-slack> OMG that is so fun.
[16:44] <stellar-slack> I like the suspense at the end so we can't wait to get chapter 2
[16:45] <stellar-slack> what will happen to Stroopy next??? :rocket:
[16:45] <stellar-slack> :alien:
[16:46] <stellar-slack> I heard he gets befouled
[16:46] <stellar-slack> That's what i was wondering
[16:47] <stellar-slack> poor stroopy
[16:48] <stellar-slack> :stroopy:
[16:48] <stellar-slack> oh god, we need emojis in here STAT!
[16:55] <stellar-slack> @joyce: :ewok:
[16:56] <stellar-slack> Thank you Eva! Everyone, welcome to our village! :ewok: :ewok: :ewok: :ewok: (you guys have no idea how happy this emoji makes me)
[16:57] <stellar-slack> ooo Simon is here now too! Welcome @smn - glad you joined us! Everyone, meet Simon, the CTO of Praekelt Foundation, amazing coder, human and philanthropist. He also works with @hodgestar
[16:57] <stellar-slack> Praekelt rolls heavy with top-quality Simons
[16:59] <stellar-slack> o/
[16:59] <stellar-slack> hi @joyce :simple_smile: thanks for the intro & kind words.
[16:59] <stellar-slack> Welcome @smn! Big fan.
[16:59] <stellar-slack> hi @vanessa, thanks!
[17:00] <stellar-slack> oh, hi Simon!
[17:00] <stellar-slack> :stroopy: has also joined
[17:01] <stellar-slack> :rabelais:
[17:02] <stellar-slack> @eva dropping all the emoji as friday presents :simple_smile:
[17:04] <stellar-slack> oo, what is the thing for the last one? stroopy is stroopy
[17:04] <stellar-slack> @vanessa: it's high time
[17:04] <stellar-slack> @joyce: last one is rabelais
[17:04] <stellar-slack> (stroopy's friend from the graphic novel)
[18:04] <stellar-slack> okay last one I swear :lt3:
[20:58] <stellar-slack> Whats up people :coffee:
[21:00] <stellar-slack> howdy @smartiphone! gotta ask, are you really an iphone? cause if so, you are really smart
[21:00] <stellar-slack> heh
[21:00] <stellar-slack> welcome :simple_smile:
[21:56] <stellar-slack> :simple_smile: thanks
[21:56] <stellar-slack> what are you thinking when will stellar value increase?
[21:57] <stellar-slack> 1k STR = 3$ now
[22:00] <stellar-slack> never
[22:00] <stellar-slack> :simple_smile:
[22:01] <stellar-slack> last 48h bitcoin price is good(not bad) has increased and stellar too
[22:01] <stellar-slack> it will be lumens in a few months :stuck_out_tongue: Before I assume the STR value will not increase :simple_smile:
[22:01] <stellar-slack> i like to see stellar price when it was 5$-6$ per 1k
[22:02] <stellar-slack> *lumens :simple_smile:
[22:02] <stellar-slack> any meaning "lumen" never heard
[22:03] <stellar-slack> Stellar will just be renamed in "Lumen"
[22:03] <stellar-slack> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lumen_%28unit%29
[22:04] <stellar-slack> lumen has a connotation of light
[22:04] <stellar-slack> but yeah, it's just an alternate name for the native currency, to differentiate the currency from the network
[22:05] <stellar-slack> can't tell you how much that tends to confuse people who're just starting out learning about us
[22:07] <stellar-slack> @smartiphone: don't expect to have a nice price before the release of the new stellard/consensus
[22:07] <stellar-slack> in a few months.
[22:07] <stellar-slack> before there will be nothing new and not much for speculating.
[22:08] <stellar-slack> nice i understand now its in conjunction with physics
[22:08] <stellar-slack> yes
[22:08] <stellar-slack> yeah its a bit confusing but as hurukan says maybe in few months we will familiar with it
[22:11] <stellar-slack> and i hope the forum will be more interactive as before (last year)
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