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[10:12] <stellar-slack> Why the auction was cancelled in poloniex?
[11:54] <stellar-slack> http://memeburn.com/2015/05/stellar-trying-enable-financial-inclusion-around-globe/
[11:55] <stellar-slack> press from our trip to south africa
[11:57] <stellar-slack> Will translate this article tonight.
[11:57] <stellar-slack> :grinning: Great !
[11:58] <stellar-slack> thanks @eno!
[12:03] <stellar-slack> @joyce: eno has translated so many articleds into chinese before. Does SDF have some Reward Plan to these guys like eno ?:grinning:
[12:06] <stellar-slack> hi tigre, no we dont have a program like that. we are researching other nonprofits like mozilla to see how their community contributions are organized to figure out best practices
[12:07] <stellar-slack> for example, this is mozilla's page https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/contribute/
[12:13] <stellar-slack> thank you joyce, so kind you are. I have another question, it is said that some people in The Republic of Indonesia have already begun to use stellar, is it true ?
[12:32] <stellar-slack> Mozilla is a great community. SDF will be too.
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