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[03:12] <stellar-slack> Star appears to be a problem. . . . . Some friends introduced me to say do not give gifts! I do not understand why they always have this problem!
[03:14] <stellar-slack> because they’re trying to game the system?
[03:15] <stellar-slack> Are you saying that they're updated? Or give up their previous promises?
[03:29] <stellar-slack> @dzham: speaking of games did you watch pacquiao yesterday?
[05:33] <stellar-slack> hi,@matschaffer I have got an problem with my stellar account that my str qty wrong
[05:39] <stellar-slack> @garth: I did. I’m glad I didn’t pay for it though. Terrible value-for-money for something billed as “The Fight of the Century”. You need two people fighting, not just one. And you shouldn't win a fight like that on technicalities.
[12:24] <stellar-slack> I'll give you pull people to do publicity, but you did not give gifts I hope you can look at your program or can it answer to me thank you!
[16:42] <stellar-slack> Hi @accd1002, it looks like you've already claimed stellars from the giveaway, back in December. Please note that we do not provide help to people whom we suspect to be abusing the giveaway (ie, claiming stellars with multiple accounts).
[16:44] <stellar-slack> I did not say I have more than one account. . . . But I share the ad on FACEBOOK star after my friends went to apply for. . . But he did not get! You is not going to promise not to send gifts do not always suspect we are abusing gifts! You did not make sense. Bad things would admit a problem. Do not go to shirk responsibility can it!
[16:45] <stellar-slack> Moreover, you are now is really a problem! I am not a person here to say that! Look for your own reasons for it. Do not always pass the buck!
[16:45] <stellar-slack> You might not realize it, but using that kind of attacking tone and continuing to disrupt discussion is not okay here, and can result your Slack account being removed. See our community guidelines for a primer on expected behavior in our constructive community https://www.stellar.org/community-guidelines/
[16:47] <stellar-slack> Is there a problem that can not say it?
[16:48] <stellar-slack> ou can only say that you can not say good or bad?
[16:49] <stellar-slack> I just illustrate some real problems! But you do not just pass the buck to solve! Do not say. Everyone can see that.
[16:49] <stellar-slack> I believe the problem you're referring to is that we have a conservative spam detection algorithm - if so, that is by design. We will be launching more giveaway options in the future, but for now, if your Facebook is not authenticated you won't receive stellars.
[16:50] <stellar-slack> The question now is not your thing the system! Facebook now been certified in the then just say no to gifts gifts in the way you can take a look http://stellarchain.io/view/address/gDSSa75HPagWcvQmwH7D51dT5DPmvsKL4q here. I do not know if you know this is really a problem you have several days.
[16:52] <stellar-slack> Do you know your gift machine has been stopped for three days presented? We have proved to be successful for ID Get this thing you did not go to clear?
[16:54] <stellar-slack> Accd1002 - have you ever stated what account you are referring to that is your friend's account? any inquiry re: your friends account and issues w the giveaway will cause us to look into what the technical issue is and whether it is related to spam accounts
[16:55] <stellar-slack> so what account are you referring to
[16:57] <stellar-slack> I read your wallet gift to my friend not to say an ID not Get You Get items already stopped three consecutive days, state it! You can go check under http://stellarchain.io/view/address/gDSSa75HPagWcvQmwH7D51dT5DPmvsKL4q
[16:58] <stellar-slack> that is our SDF account. what is your friend's account
[16:58] <stellar-slack> Not a single ID no Get your ID now all stopped and there is no gift to give notice! So to speak? Do not tell me you do not know the situation! That is impossible.
[16:58] <stellar-slack> If you give us a specific user account to look into, we can take a look and see if the issues are tech related or not
[16:58] <stellar-slack> Get items SDF account has been stopped for three days and I just tell you this question! You can read, right?
[16:59] <stellar-slack> would you like to give us the user account of your friend that you are having trouble with?
[17:00] <stellar-slack> l39bdl
[17:00] <stellar-slack> The ID
[17:02] <stellar-slack> I just do not understand the reason why you have three days without knowing the gift announcement, but why do you not do it? Are internal reasons? There is no way, and stellar customer communication?
[17:03] <stellar-slack> We posted this on April 24: https://stellarorg.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204192419-Temporary-Giveaway-Delay
[17:03] <stellar-slack> So we did post a communication over a week ago.
[17:04] <stellar-slack> It is 36 hours of delay it?
[17:05] <stellar-slack> We will look into your friend's account and see what the issue is. Also, we have community guidelines that emphasize a harassment-free environment in our communities.
[17:05] <stellar-slack> But it has 72 hours it! ! ! From Sat May 02 2015 13:36:30 GMT + 0800 to now not Get!
[17:05] <stellar-slack> @accd1002 As you’ve been told in the past, this kind of behavior is not welcome here. Posts like these will result in a request to leave the Stellar community. Consider this a warning. Please refer to the community guidelines about expected behavior here. https://www.stellar.org/community-guidelines/
[17:06] <stellar-slack> I can observe your environment rules! But I hope you do not think every one of us is an abuse of the stars! I have just described to a friend! We hope you can quickly maintain good question now!
[17:08] <stellar-slack> I just say to you now there's a problem! I hope you will give serious consideration to solve it. But you always find a reason to say I do not have to obey your environment. I just went telling it!
[17:15] <stellar-slack> and we have said that the problem is something we're aware of, and have already communicated to the community about. If you continue to be disruptive of conversation, your behavior will result in removal.
[17:39] <stellar-slack> additionally, I looked into your friend's account, and I can see that they've created multiple accounts. Since we suspect these accounts of abusing the giveaway, we will not be providing you with any support, and further requests are not welcome.
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