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[00:26] <stellar-slack> we should see if they wanna use SCP :wink:
[00:40] <stellar-slack> @matschaffer: right? only half kidding :smile_cat:
[00:59] <stellar-slack> should be really interesting to see how it pans out
[00:59] <stellar-slack> most of the algorithms (including our own) seems like they’d be too slow for high frequency trading
[01:02] <stellar-slack> Doesn't necessarily need to be high frequency.
[01:42] <stellar-slack> @kwelstr: asking for government ID/address will drive many interested real person away and SDF need much more hands on verification.
[01:52] <stellar-slack> but i agree the current giveway is getting worse and worse. in simple words, farmers are centralizing like miners. i suspect legit new users is under 1% everyday.
[06:41] <stellar-slack> https://twitter.com/ashleyv/status/592899559367561216
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