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[02:48] <stellar-slack> https://twitter.com/ummjackson/status/591271462033489920
[03:02] <stellar-slack> how many STR does he have?
[03:47] <stellar-slack> He shifted his focus to the Neucoin which alters stellar distribution plan a little bit to hopefully faster growth the ecosystem
[03:51] <stellar-slack> they could create some buzz and follow up with network effect taken into account that team's background on gaming and marketing.
[04:00] <stellar-slack> and they choose a somewhat 'easier' approach toward entertainment & content creators (Doge's style?)
[04:04] <stellar-slack> & the recent launch of Rippleworks, the competition is now fiercer than ever. IMHO, it will come down to which team could walk their talk and i'm wholeheartedly wished SDF to complete its auction/fund raising asap and bring more talents on boards.
[09:07] <stellar-slack> "on boards". Son, yer not even in the same set.
[09:36] <stellar-slack> updating new algorithm for stellar?
[09:45] <stellar-slack> not updating it, just finding a parameter within the framework.
[09:45] <stellar-slack> just tweaking it.
[09:45] <stellar-slack> you'd have to go through the math carefully
[09:46] <stellar-slack> but in short it's a general enough framework that I'm 95% certain just by changing some constants you could get that behavior.
[09:46] <stellar-slack> whoops, wrong slack. good times.
[09:52] <stellar-slack> hi @virgil ,why one of my friends on facebook connect accounts stellar does not get bonus points from it, does not differ.
[14:51] <stellar-slack> @lab: It is reasonable to assume that Palmer has 2500million str/4year/30person * 9months/12months = 15.6 million str :grinning:
[14:54] <stellar-slack> @lab: till labor day of course
[16:02] <stellar-slack> @tigre: Jackson Palmer? He holds an advisor role and SDF doesn't pay him
[16:42] <stellar-slack> +1 Iris.
[16:42] <stellar-slack> thanks.
[17:29] <stellar-slack> Why i didn't receive any gift from stellar although i've connected to facebook and verified my mail? This is my ID mahavatrakelyy and when will i receive it,please ?
[17:32] <stellar-slack> how many facebook's do you have?
[17:35] <stellar-slack> also, general reminder @lovestorm203 that this isn't the best place for individual support issues. This is a chat for people to talk about general, broad Stellar-related things :simple_smile:
[17:40] <stellar-slack> @eva: sorry :smile:
[17:40] <stellar-slack> @andrew: i have 2 stellar account, 1 for me and 1 for my friend
[17:44] <stellar-slack> The giveaway program is meant to be 1 per person - that's by design, to reach as many people as possible.
[17:45] <stellar-slack> (same thing happening to me about the facebook issue)... Where's the channel for talking about support-related things anyway?
[17:45] <stellar-slack> @cbruguera we don't have a slack channel for support (yet? anyone can create a channel, so community members are more than welcome to start one)
[17:45] <stellar-slack> we do have a knowledge center: https://stellarorg.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
[17:46] <stellar-slack> candidly, SDF doesn't have a "support" staff, per se. We have a community manager (hello!) and an Educator, but those aren't precisely support roles.
[17:46] <stellar-slack> that said, when folks get confused I'm happy to help out when I see it!
[17:47] <stellar-slack> @cbruguera: can you DM me with your username and a link to the Facebook you tried to claim with? I'll see what I can do :simple_smile:
[17:47] <stellar-slack> ok. thanks eva!
[17:47] <stellar-slack> no problem
[17:48] <stellar-slack> for what it's worth, our algorithm is very conservative at the moment, so we're aware that "real" Facebooks may be marked as spam
[17:48] <stellar-slack> I know that sucks, and we're actively redesigning our giveaway program, to make it better( and less frustrating)
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