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[13:52] <stellar-slack1> As promised guys
[13:52] <stellar-slack1> http://cointelegraph.co.za/
[13:52] <stellar-slack1> go and enjoy the story about BOTSWANA ATM
[17:27] <stellar-slack1> hi all
[17:27] <stellar-slack1> did you see article ?
[17:33] <stellar-slack1> https://ripple.com/blog/rippleworks-launches-to-support-global-entrepreneurs-building-paths-out-of-poverty/
[17:33] <stellar-slack1> $60M for their foundation, I wonder how SDF will compete
[17:38] <stellar-slack1> I wonder how SDF will be able to make a difference and if there are a place for both if it tries to achieve the same goal
[19:07] <stellar-slack1> @jaquesc: awesome! Didn't realize it was BitcoinLady's project.
[19:08] <stellar-slack1> Stellar will be tweeting it out shortly :simple_smile:
[19:08] <stellar-slack1> thanks for the heads up
[23:56] <stellar-slack> welcome @donuts!
[23:57] <stellar-slack> new community update, y'all! https://www.stellar.org/blog/scp-meetup-first-horizon-contribution-go-pre-alpha
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