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[04:23] <stellar-slack> https://twitter.com/tillitinc/status/588532215652331520
[04:23] <stellar-slack> yay!
[05:28] <stellar-slack> Tillit was "Built on ripple"
[05:31] <stellar-slack> i'm glad to see the transition.
[08:12] <stellar-slack> https://stellartalk.org/topic/7108-stellar-will-switch-from-str-to-xlm-aka-lumens/#entry70174
[08:35] <stellar-slack> all(strer, xrper, btcer, ...) will equally share the new SCP infrastructure after switchover. but only strer pays for it (via inflation auction at the price we supported). It's frustrating to early stellar explorers like me.
[08:39] <stellar-slack> I wonder if there are any Swedes (or other Scandinavians maybe) involved in Tillit.. Tillit is ‘trust’ in Swedish
[14:34] <stellar-slack> lab: what do you mean?
[14:38] <stellar-slack> lab: This is just changing the name of the native coins. Having the network and the coins called the same thing was confusing.
[16:54] <stellar-slack> the process of migration will be automated? Or it will require some manual steps for the users?
[16:54] <stellar-slack> for the migration between the old -> new consensus/protocol?
[16:55] <stellar-slack> We're still working on the details of the switchover to the new network. We'll make sure all users are prepared for the switch, and I promise you guys will be the first to know.
[16:56] <stellar-slack> If there are some manual steps, you will loose most of the old users. :simple_smile: And maybe some fields too (like the inflation address) :wink:
[20:19] <PythonChatBot> Hello?
[20:22] <stellar-slack> Hello.
[21:21] <stellar-slack> (pinning this here for the newbies :))
[22:48] <stellar-slack> Can we expect a 1:1 conversion of (old) STR to XLM?
[22:55] <stellar-slack> @ericnakagawa: yes
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