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[12:15] <stellar-slack> hi
[19:12] <stellar-slack> whoa, has anybody heard about this? https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/welcome-liberland-bitcoin-national-currency/
[19:13] <stellar-slack> hey @lazyhu :simple_smile:
[19:57] <Kwelstr> libertarians of the world unite! ??? :D
[19:57] <stellar-slack> I'm just fascinated to see how this plays out
[19:58] <Kwelstr> yep, reminds me of the anarchists from the beginning of last century
[19:58] <Kwelstr> fun group
[20:07] <stellar-slack> hola
[20:07] <stellar-slack> Hola
[20:07] <stellar-slack> moooo
[20:07] <stellar-slack> Ok, who let the cow lose?
[20:07] <stellar-slack> :smile:
[20:07] <stellar-slack> omg
[20:08] <stellar-slack> @kwelstr is that yours?
[20:09] <stellar-slack> omg
[20:09] <stellar-slack> Ohw Mah Gaaawd!
[20:09] <stellar-slack> :smile:
[20:09] <stellar-slack> I think it wants to tease me, that silly bot
[20:10] <stellar-slack> I'll bring Barty here and they can have a deep chat
[20:10] <stellar-slack> excellent
[20:11] <stellar-slack> nah, they'
[20:11] <stellar-slack> they'll pollute the channel then
[20:25] <stellar-slack> ooo is there a way to see all that @slackbot does?
[20:25] <stellar-slack> greetings
[20:25] <stellar-slack> hola
[20:25] <stellar-slack> Hola
[20:26] <stellar-slack> merci
[20:27] <stellar-slack> @joyce: https://stellar-public.slack.com/customize/slackbot
[20:28] <stellar-slack> oooo thanks!
[21:56] <stellar-slack> darn, I've spilled the beans! hahaha
[21:56] <stellar-slack> moooo
[21:56] <stellar-slack> Ok, who let the cow lose?
[21:58] <stellar-slack> can we add a new channel to slackbot? I was looking to create my own for #stellartalk but it won't let me, I think it must be one per team or something like that
[22:16] <stellar-slack> I everyone
[23:25] <stellar-slack> I jaquesc :simple_smile:
[23:26] <stellar-slack> @sora hullow!
[23:26] <stellar-slack> hi there
[23:26] <stellar-slack> It’s the Kwelstr :smile:
[23:27] <stellar-slack> the morer the merrier
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