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[00:02] <stellar-slack> hey, whoever can help/advise: I had an acount wallet v2 with 30k stellars. now I can no longer authenticate, and when I use recovery code, it says it has been disabled. email seems to have been changed as well. am I hacked? would be suprising as I have(had) strong password
[00:06] <stellar-slack> eb101 whats your username
[01:01] <stellar-slack> ebusiness101
[05:29] <stellar-slack> @lovestorm203: what is your username
[05:42] <stellar-slack> @joyce: sieusaydacap
[16:08] <stellar-slack> @lovestorm203: Ok, i'll dm with some questions
[21:11] <stellar-slack> Hi folks, am looking forward to meeting other Stellar users next week.
[21:32] <stellar-slack> Hi ericnakagawa !
[22:55] <stellar-slack> woo hoo, welcome @ericnakagawa :cat:
[23:11] <stellar-slack> welcome @ericnakagawa. Can't wait to see you at the meetup :simple_smile:
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