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[02:22] <stellar-slack> hi @shane welcome to the wild world of stellar
[02:44] <stellar-slack> new article on stellar is out: http://www.coindesk.com/stellar-founder-jed-mccaleb-new-protocol/
[03:39] <stellar-slack> welcome @nchinda2
[03:41] <stellar-slack> Hi @nchinda2 nice to see you here:)
[03:54] <stellar-slack> Hello all, @andrew @joyce
[04:04] <stellar-slack> was nice meeting you at MIT today. can you believe I am on a plane in the middle of the US right now? travel sometimes boggles my mind still
[09:56] <stellar-slack> http://stellar.im/
[09:56] <stellar-slack> yet another stellar chain website.
[09:56] <stellar-slack> enjoy!
[11:13] <stellar-slack> why always connecting to log in to your account stellar, it made me feel uncomfortable
[16:25] <stellar-slack> lovestorm203: can you elaborate on that? I don't quite get it.
[16:29] <stellar-slack> kwelstr: what do you meant? i don't understand
[16:43] <stellar-slack> yeah, exactly
[16:44] <stellar-slack> that's okay, it just means the web client is connecting to the stellar network so you can see your balance and send transactions and stuff
[16:49] <stellar-slack> some times, it takes a while. so just give it some time. If it doesn't work after like 30 seconds, try refreshing
[16:51] <stellar-slack> My transaction is delayed when it connecting
[16:53] <stellar-slack> yeah until it is fully connected you won't be able to send or see that you received transactions
[16:57] <stellar-slack> tình trạng này bao giờ sẽ kết thúc
[16:58] <stellar-slack> how long has it been "connecting"
[18:02] <lewkow> ls
[19:10] <Kwelstr> lovestorm203 seems to be in VietNam, maybe the client just hangs?
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