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[16:09] <stellar-slack> welcome @hypostatization and @poppingtonic!
[16:23] <stellar-slack> Hello hypos! :smile: welcome
[16:45] <stellar-slack> Hi @eva
[16:46] <stellar-slack> :wave: love your username. How's your Monday?
[17:14] <stellar-slack> Thanks! I got it from GEB. My Monday is quite awesome, actually. I'm reading the Stellar consensus white PAPER and currently working my way through the theorems.
[17:15] <stellar-slack> Oh, excellent! hope you're enjoying it so far, and thrilled to hear that it's part of your awesome day.
[17:22] <stellar-slack> Thank you. I'm enjoying the paper so far. An hour in, I'm at theorem 3, although I think I might be done in a couple of days. I have a bit of background knowledge to inhaler.m
[17:22] <stellar-slack> Sorry. Ghost touch on my phone
[17:27] <stellar-slack> I have a lot of background knowledge to inhale. Like the PBFT papers. Though the code is pretty well documented. I'm curious, though is there anyone working on porting stellar-core to rust?
[17:28] <stellar-slack> we have to get it working in C++ first
[18:45] <stellar-slack> rust, so close to my heart, isn't yet at 1.0 (5 more weeks?) but I think it'd be a good target for a second implementation, eventually
[18:47] <stellar-slack> we tried to make the design of stellar-core amenable to 3rd party reimplementations. like, most of the protocols and system-dependencies are off-the-shelf, standard stuff. most of the hard work outside SCP itself is done by standard components (XDR codecs, libsodium, HTTP servers, SQL servers, etc.)
[20:46] <stellar-slack> who's heart is HAL close too?
[20:52] <stellar-slack> @epsilon: I chose HAL, if that’s what you’re asking
[20:53] <stellar-slack> thx scott, it was
[20:53] <stellar-slack> np
[20:55] <stellar-slack> I wouldn’t really call it close to my heart though… it’s a simple hypermedia-over-json format that was picked for it’s simplicity. The view generation system we use (Oat) is agnostic. Definitely open to discussion
[20:55] <stellar-slack> it's quite verbose
[20:56] <stellar-slack> I mean.. for "the other bit of protocol" or w/e you should call it
[20:57] <stellar-slack> I'm unsure when and if I should utter "protocol" hehe
[21:01] <stellar-slack> :simple_smile: I think there is room for more than one. The protocol that the core speaks should be considered on it’s own, apart from horizon. We haven’t really thought much about building an open protocol from horizon. Part of horizon's point was to allow for experimentation away from the core, which needs to be modified in a much more careful fashion
[21:01] <stellar-slack> In my case, HAL was a seemed like a good compromise:
[21:02] <stellar-slack> 1) doesn’t require as heavy tooling as something like json-ld to produce “automatic client libraries"
[21:02] <stellar-slack> 2) simple enough to build a client library by hand (but granted, not as simple as a completely ad-hoc format)
[21:03] <stellar-slack> For example, we use hyperclient for ruby-stellar-lib, which means out of the box I get a pretty nice ruby-based experience to navigate the api, with very little code written by me
[21:04] <stellar-slack> ^ heh
[21:04] <stellar-slack> that's a good reason
[21:06] <stellar-slack> I’ve been approached by some others who really want to see JSON-LD get used, especially given that the Web Payments WG uses it. For this initial launch I just wanted something simple that wasn’t completely adhoc
[21:07] <stellar-slack> it's a shame there isn't just JSON
[21:07] <stellar-slack> (like in the olden p2p days)
[21:08] <stellar-slack> then those guys would have written all the parses under the sun (haven't they, yet?) and you could txt them anything
[21:11] <stellar-slack> 'cause like txt requires no prequel. Kinda like form headers.
[21:11] <stellar-slack> gimme -> got
[21:12] <stellar-slack> Sorry, I’m not following you. Could you explain further?
[21:12] <stellar-slack> simple headers at server level
[21:12] <stellar-slack> no need for a lickety lick
[21:14] <stellar-slack> this is SMTP, etc.
[21:21] <stellar-slack> (I may not be following you, so feel free to ignore) I think some of this comes from the fact that our protocols are layered. Yeah, a lot of the metadata that gets expressed through HAL (for example) could get expressed as headers on the layer below our service (i.e. in the http headers), but then you miss out on portability to something other than http. If you’re designing something free of that context, y
[21:24] <stellar-slack> I see duplication in the original
[21:24] <stellar-slack> I'm micormanaging perhaps
[21:24] <stellar-slack> txt, form, etc they require no prefilght
[21:25] <stellar-slack> (especially with typos haha)
[21:25] <stellar-slack> you guys are building the protocol
[21:26] <stellar-slack> ...there's that word again
[21:26] <stellar-slack> :simple_smile:
[21:28] <stellar-slack> many protocols, perhaps
[22:22] <stellar-slack> hello :simple_smile:
[22:44] <stellar-slack> @hypostatization: hi there!
[23:40] <stellar-slack> I am hoping to learn a little more about the topology info shared in consensus packets, and how it is used. Any recommendations of where to begin looking?
[23:41] <stellar-slack> Is it purely a roadmap item at this point?
[23:42] <stellar-slack> It's currently on the roadmap and yet to be implemented. You can read about stellar-core here: https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/tree/master/docs
[23:44] <stellar-slack> topology info is used as part of SCP but we have a roadmap item to tell if the set of quorum slices makes sense. which one are you asking about?
[23:46] <stellar-slack> re HN: 'And as you admit, those requirements have now been formalized and the information to check them is conveyed in the consensus packets; they are just not trivial to check by hand, and we have not yet implemented a check for them in stellar-core (this will be forthcoming, see roadmap).'
[23:52] <stellar-slack> excited to see it when released
[23:57] <stellar-slack> I suspect I am completely incorrect in my understanding of slices, and also fixated on the topic. Is there anything related in the existing code base that I should be checking out?
[23:58] <stellar-slack> Even basic stuff, like configuration.
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