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[02:58] <stellar-slack> hey folks, looks like we've had an outage in the production network. we're looking into it.
[03:46] <bittrex-richie> anyone heree?
[03:47] <stellar-slack> yes, though it's late friday night for most of us.
[03:47] <bittrex-richie> nod..
[03:47] <bittrex-richie> is the SFD servers working ok for everyone?
[03:47] <bittrex-richie> is there a way to check..
[03:47] <bittrex-richie> i can't seem to connect via WS
[03:49] <stellar-slack> we're currently looking into an outage, should be back soon
[03:49] <bittrex-richie> ok.. as long as its not me ;)
[03:49] <bittrex-richie> is there a slack i should be on instead of irc?
[03:49] <stellar-slack> nope, we're aware of it and doing best we can to fix.
[03:50] <bittrex-richie> ok np
[03:50] <bittrex-richie> tyvm
[03:50] <stellar-slack> I am actually using slack presently; I believe it's bidirectionally mirrored to IRC
[03:50] <stellar-slack> if you're talking to me from the IRC side, that would confirm my belief :simple_smile:
[03:50] <bittrex-richie> yup..
[03:50] <bittrex-richie> if this works fine.. i'll stick with it ;)
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